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Cannabidiol (CBD) products have been all the rage lately in natural and holistic therapeutics. Ananda Hemp oil has been a tried and true product since the beginning of this movement, pioneering the industry in Kentucky, as well as the whole country. Ananda Hemp reviews are consistently positive and customers show quite a bit of brand loyalty. Let’s examine why with an honest Ananda Hemp review…

About Ananda Hemp Brand/Ananda Hemp Company History

Ananda Hemp oil came about during the rise of the hemp industry and is a pioneer of the CBD market. In fact, Ananda’s director for global production, Brian Furnish, worked alongside congressmen in order to pass the Farm Bill of 2014. In turn, he was the first farmer that was granted a license to grow hemp when the bill passed. Ananda’s hemp farm in Kentucky was the first in the state to legally grow healthy hemp.

Ananda grows all of their hemp here on American soil. Their hemp seeds, however, are imported to the US from Australia. There they employ scientists, geneticists, and farmers who work to create strains of hemp that are genetically superior to previous ones. They must comply with strict DEA guidelines to import these seeds and provide a safe, high quality product to consumers.

Ananda Hemp donates millions of dollars to universities around the world. This company even supplies products to a local bar in Kentucky, where they infuse cocktails and other drinks with Ananda’s full spectrum CBD extract. That’s a pretty cool concept for a CBD company.

Before moving on to the Ananda Hemp reviews, let’s get a quick rundown of some of the potentially therapeutic uses of hemp CBD oil:

  • Insomnia and other sleep related conditions
  • Pain and inflammation, especially in muscles and joints
  • Lack of appetite
  • Digestion issues like inflammatory bowel syndrome (IBS)
  • Depression
  • Anxiety issues like general anxiety, social anxiety, and even PTSD
  • Seizures due to epilepsy
  • Immune health
  • Neurodegenerative disorders
  • Neuropathic pain
  • Uncomfortable side effects of other drugs/medications
  • Cardiovascular health
  • And more…

As a general precaution, please talk with your doctor before using or buying CBD oil for sale online. This goes for any major lifestyle changes, like a change in diet or physical activity. Adding CBD as a supplement is included in such lifestyle changes, so please talk with your primary care physician or another doctor before making this important choice for your health.

Ananda Hemp Product Line/Product Overview

Ananda Hemp carries a wide array of CBD oil products including:

  • CBD oil tinctures
  • CBD gel capsules
  • CBD topical salve
  • CBD products for pets
  • And cannabis infused intimate oils

Ananda’s website displays all of the dosing recommendations for their CBD products. Users in Ananda Hemp reviews often note this to be quite helpful, even before making their purchase. There is great transparency on the Ananda website regarding their CBD product ingredients.

This company’s major claim to fame definitely lies with their focus on superior cultivation of hemp strains that contain large amounts of exotic cannabinoids. These include CBDV, CBC, and THCV. This company is known for groundbreaking moves like this, considering and incorporating the full spectrum of their hemp plants.

They employ a fractional distillation process that utilizes food grade ethanol to extract the CBD and other cannabinoids from hemp for use in their products.

CBD Tinctures

CBD Tinctures

Ananda Hemp’s CBD oil tinctures contain full spectrum CBD oil. This is accompanied by cold pressed hemp seed oil. This is an all natural and plant based ingredient list that can be used for a wide array of therapeutic benefits.

They offer full spectrum and broad spectrum THC-free CBD oil tinctures in varying sizes and potencies. The THC free option only comes in a 600 mg bottle, while the full spectrum offers a 300 mg and 600 mg.

Price: $49.95 to $89.95

CBD Capsules

CBD Capsules

CBD softgels are an easy way to take CBD. They are ideal for those who don’t prefer the taste of CBD oil or just need something more convenient for on-the-go lifestyles. They still contain the benefits of a versatile CBD and cannabinoid profile. They offer two bottle sizes, one with 30 CBD softgels and one with 60.

Price: $64.95 to $119.95

CBD Topicals

Ananda Hemp CBD Topicals

Ananda Hemp’s CBD salve is one of their highest rated products and is a continued user favorite. Ananda Hemp reviews of this CBD pain rub are continually positive. Users use this CBD topical cream to apply to areas of joint and muscle ache for on the spot relief.

They only offer one size and option for their CBD topical cream. It contains 125 mg of full spectrum hemp extract. There are also other added ingredients like coconut oil, cocoa butter, beeswax, organic ginger, organic cayenne, and quite a few other natural ingredients that make this salve so amazing and powerful.

Price: $23.95

CBD Oil for Pets

CBD Oil for Pets

Ananda’s CBD oil tincture for pets is specifically formulated for your furry friends (this is CBD for dogs and cats). It is natural and safe for you to give to your pets (with veterinarian approval, of course). Dog and cat owners provide this to pets for a variety of reasons from joint and muscle health to other issues like anxiety and depression.

This is a full spectrum CBD oil premium hemp extract made for dogs and cats and contains 300 mg of active cannabinoids. They have an endocannabinoid system, just like humans. Ananda states the following uses for their CBD oil for cats and dogs:

  • Immunity and/or allergy symptoms
  • Neurological and/or cognitive functions
  • Joint and hip mobility
  • Comfort and relaxation
  • Overall pet health and wellness

Price: $59.95

Product Selection

Ananda basically offers four types of CBD products on their website. There is some variation regarding size and potency between some items. They do not offer flavored CBD oil tinctures or CBD gummies, which some users prefer for taste.


As mentioned above, Ananda Hemp’s seeds are sourced from Australia. They are planted and grown, however, right here in the United States. Ananda grows industrialized hemp in the state of Kentucky and is certified by the Kentucky Department of Agriculture.

Ananda Hemp is grown by eighth generation farmers, and they are one of the largest producers of domestic hemp. Users love that they are buying from a company that keeps jobs for our nation’s farmers in an industry that is growing and sustainable.


Ananda Hemp has a COA lookup tool on their website that enables consumers to look up the potency of each product when buying CBD oil for sale online. However, you must have a batch number to look up the test results.

The website says that their products undergo rigorous testing at various stages throughout the cultivation and manufacture process. However, it is not evident just where this testing is done. Some other companies display their third party lab testing results right on their web pages.


Ananda Hemp’s CBD hemp oils are not flavored with any additional ingredients. They are all natural and plant based. They have a fairly strong and earthy flavor that can even sometimes be described as grassy. This strong hemp taste may be undesirable to some users.

Ordering and Shipping Process

The Ananda website is pretty easy to navigate, use, and order CBD products for sale online. The COA lookup tool helps when looking up the potency and lab testing of the products you order. Shipping is free in the United States, so this is another big allure for Ananda Hemp oil customers.

Customer Service

Those who have purchased from Ananda Hemp more often than not give great reviews of the products and the company. Users give customer service positive ratings in most Ananda Hemp reviews you can find online.


  • Superior quality hemp seeds and cultivation
  • All natural flavoring
  • Pioneer of the industry with a history of consistency and high quality CBD products
  • Offers full spectrum and THC free options
  • Products lab tested at cannabis and food testing labs (can be retrieved with batch number after purchase)
  • Lab reports help to determine potency
  • Easy dosing recommendations
  • Organically grown in Kentucky


  • No flavored CBD oil tinctures / strong hemp flavor
  • Third party lab testing results not clearly evident on website
  • Must have batch number to retrieve lab test results

Final Thoughts

All in all, Ananda Hemp reviews are consistently positive. They are a pioneer in the CBD industry and also on the cutting edge of the products of the future. Ananda hemp oil is a consistent favorite with loyal users around the country. As a reminder, please talk with your doctor before using or even buying CBD oil for sale online.

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