Best CBD Oils for Anxiety

Best CBD Oils for Anxiety

Anxiety is a feeling of excessive worry, fear, and intense that may be caused by everyday situations. It’s a feeling that is accompanied by characteristics such as; rapid breathing, fast heart rate, and sweating. However, anxiety may result from stressful situations or it may be due to public interactions. If the right treatment and therapy are applied, anxiety is manageable and curable. CBD can be used to ease the symptoms of conditions such as anxiety. If you’re looking for the best CBD oil for anxiety, then you’ve landed in the right place.

Anxiety disorders

Having defined anxiety brings you to a point where you need to know the anxiety disorders that exist. In general, there are five major categories of anxiety disorders. They are briefed below.

  1. Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD): It’s an anxiety disorder that is characterized by obsessions (unwanted thoughts) and compulsions (repetitive behaviors).
  2. Generalized anxiety disorder: Abbreviated as GAD is an anxiety disorder characterized by worry and tension. This disorder may be experienced even if there is little or no provoke.
  3. Panic disorder: Under this anxiety disorder, the victim experiences repeated episodes of fear and other physical symptoms such as dizziness, abdominal distress, and chest pains.
  4. Social anxiety disorder: It’s also called social phobia. It’s characterized by excessive self-consciousness following everyday social activities. Victims with social phobia may not be in a position of interacting with others for various activities such as discussing. Eating in front of other people may be a problem also.
  5. Post-traumatic stress disorder: PTSD is an anxiety disorder that develops after exposure to ordeal or terrific events. For example, witnessing a fatal accident during the day may conjure insomnia if you are not used to it.

What causes anxiety

Well, anxiety can be as a result of a couple of things and terrifying moments. Some of the factors or causes of anxiety are;

  1. Environmental factors: Stress that results from a relationship or job can cause anxiety. Also, someone may experience anxiety due to low oxygen levels.
  2. Medical factors: You may have serious anxiety due to medical factors such as the side effects of a certain disease. Besides, anxiety, in this case, may occur after discovering that the disease you are suffering from may totally change your lifestyle, cause pain and other unexpected problems.
  3. Genetics Anxiety disorders may be as a result of inheritance from family members.

Using or withdrawing from the use of a certain addictive substance. This is a bit common among people all over the world. If you stop using a substance that you’re addicted to, you are more likely to be a victim of anxiety. Also, when you start using a substance that you were not using before, you are more likely to encounter anxiety.

Symptoms of anxiety

Anxiety comes along with an ocean of symptoms. Below are the generalized symptoms of anxiety.

Restlessness, lack of concentration, fatigue, sweating, back pain, fear, nausea, emotional distress, trembling, unwanted thoughts, hypervigilance, insomnia, headache, and palpitations among others.

Separation anxiety

It’s a type of anxiety that is a result of someone afraid of being separated from others. This condition is mostly associated with children but adults also have separation anxiety. Separation anxiety may be due to a parent, a child or a partner moving away. Besides, separation anxiety can occur due to an already existing mental disorder. Some of the symptoms accompanied by separation anxiety are; unusual distress, excessive worry, fear of being alone, wanting to know where loved ones or a spouse is at. For instance,  In serious cases, separation anxiety can cause low performance in academics, jobs, and other fields.

Anxiety Attack

Anxiety may occur when you fear something bad is going to happen. In most cases, it leads to muscle tension and a feeling of worry. Some of the things to note about anxiety attack are;

  • There is always a specific cause such as health, exam, relationship, and workplace issues.
  • It’s a condition that is not diagnosable.
  • It involves physical symptoms such as racing heart and sweating.

Anxiety Medication

Anxiety medications are of different types according to the type of anxiety. However, there are general treatments such as;

  1. Self-care: under self-care, you should avoid alcohol, reduce caffeine intake, taking physical exercised, doing an enjoyable activity to manage stress, quit smoking, healthy diet among others.
  2. Therapies: they are psychotherapy, meditation, and cognitive-behavioral therapy.
  3. Medications: under medication, you can use nerve pain medication, sedative, antidepressant, selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitor among others. You should note that medication should be done under the control of a physician’s doses and precaution measures.

How to get rid of anxiety

Anxiety is a disorder that many suffer from time-to-time, there is a need for everyone to understand how they can put in place to get rid of anxiety. Below are some of them.

Stand-up straight

Following research carried out by psychologists, hunching over can help get rid of anxiety. If you want immediate relief from anxiety, stand-up, pull the shoulders back and take a deep breath. The deep breath and posture make your mind relax and forget that there is a danger. However, this method is short-lived, that is, the relief will be a short-time one. Furthermore, it depends on the type of anxiety.

Try getting yourself busy

Anxiety can be worse if you are an idol. To minimize anxiety, try looking for means that’ll get you busy such as reding a good story, watching your best movie, chat with friends and family, and others. However, you need to be careful. Talking or chatting with friends and family can provoke more anxiety and get you more pissed off and depressed.


Depending on your location, you can decide to take a leisure walk in areas they are safe and you can see amazing stuff or meet good people.

Accept your anxiety

Don’t get frustrated or ashamed of your anxiety. Accept it. That way you will feel less anxious. Accepting your anxiety shouldn’t be accompanied by giving up. It means you should find out a way that you know suits you best when it comes to fighting anxiety. The technique can be any of the discussed above or another that you are comfortable with.

CBD oil dosage for anxiety

CBD oil for anxiety can be used in many different ways. They include:

Capsule: CBD oil for anxiety and depression can be in the form of a small capsule that is taken orally.

Tincture: Tinctures are commonly used as a food additive. Users tend to place some drops below their tongue for some minutes to get the effects of the drops. Tinctures tend to have stronger concentrations than other CBD products.

Vapor: Also called vape juice or vape is heated then inhaled through the use of a vaporizer or e-cigarette.

Spray: CBD oil for anxiety can be taken in the form of a spray. This is taken orally. However, sprays contain the lowest concentration than other CBD products.

Topical: it has the consistency of lotion hence applied directly to the skin.

  1. CBD oils come in different flavors such as cinnamon, mint, vanilla, lavender, etc. while others are unscented. Usually, CBD oils come in bottles of different sizes and concentrations. CBD oil dosage depends on body weight as follows;
  2. A person weighing below 58kg should take 11mg or less for mild, 12mg to 14mg for moderate effects, and 15 to 17 mg for stronger effects.
  3. people weighing between 58kg and 105kg should take 18mg or less for mild effects, 19mg to 23mg for moderate effects, and 24mg to 27mg for stronger effects.
  4. People weighing more than 105 kg should take 23mg or less for mild effects, 24mg to 30mg for moderate effects, and 31mg to 45mg for stronger effects.

Is CBD safe?

CBD oil for anxiety is used due to its strong therapeutic value and most users consider it as best plus having low-risk. Nevertheless, using CBD oil can result in the following effects:

Diarrhea: The consumption of CBD oil in large doses can result in diarrhea. This is due to the substances found in the oil interacting with the digestive system. Taking lower doses can prevent the problem.

Dry mouth: just like marijuana and hemp users. Continuous use of CBD oil products also leads to a condition called a dry mouth. This is commonly due to the alteration of receptors that induce salivation located in the lower jaw.

Decreased blood pressure: using CBD oil can stir up a small drop in blood pressure after being taken into the body. To avoid persistent of such problems, the right dosage should be done.

Appetite changes: CBD oil users may develop an unusual appetite of food and they often feel hungrier than usual. The effect is found in all cannabinoids.

Is CBD legal?

In the US, CBD is obtainable in every part of the country. However, every state has its own laws regarding CBD with varying restrictions. This is because CBD is a product of marijuana which is illegal. Nowadays, many people order CBD products online and they access them even without medical cannabis license. However, based in the United States, these laws are different and vary according to the state. Below are some of the laws abiding the use of hemp-based CBD oil and marijuana-based CBD oil.

States like Louisiana, Michigan, West Virginia, Virginia, Washington, Alabama, Connecticut, Illinois, Minnesota, Maryland, Ohio, Oklahoma, New Mexico, New Jersey, Dakota, Wisconsin, Montana, Pennsylvania, Arizona, and Hawaii, allow hemp-based CBD oil to be bought, owned and consumed. However, for marijuana-based CBD oil, these states do not allow its use for recreational purposes. However, it’s only allowed being used medically when it meets some THC restrictions.

Arkansas allows hemp-based oil to be bought, possessed and consumed by everyone. For marijuana-based CBD oil, the state allows a recreationally-consumption for people aged 21 and above. besides, medical marijuana patients have to be approved.


California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, Alaska, Oregon, Vermont, District of Columbia, and Washington allow hemp-based CBD oil to be owned and consumed by everyone. In addition,  Marijuana-based CBD oil is legal and can be bought for consumption by those who are aged 21 and above.

Tennessee, Delaware, Wyoming, Florida, Indiana, Georgia, Missouri, Lowa, Kansas, South Carolina, North Carolina, Texas, and Utah allow hemp-based CBD oil for use by all. Marijuana-based CBD oil is also allowed for medical value only if it meets some THC restrictions. Furthermore, there is a certain percentage of THC that should be available in the hemp-based and marijuana-based CBD oil that differs among these states.

New York, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire allow the use of hemp-based CBD oil by all. Marijuana-based CBD oil is not allowed for recreational consumption but it’s available for medical patients who have a state-registered ID.

Besides, other states have complicated laws regarding the use of hemp-based and marijuana-based CBD oil. They are discussed below.

  • Kentucky: Hemp-based CBD is legal. Marijuana-based CBD oil is illegal for recreational use. It’s only legal to medical patients who participate in a clinical trial.
  • Idaho: currently, the state doesn’t allow the use of marijuana-based CBD oil for any purpose.
  • Mississippi: Marijuana-based CBD oil is not legal for recreational use. It’s only allowed for medical research purposes and treating epilepsy.
  • South Dakota: Marijuana-based CBD oil is allowed for recreational purposes and medical purposes provided that it meets FDA approval.
  • Nebraska: Hemp-based and marijuana-based CBD oils are only allowed to patients who participate in medical trials.

However, the laws stated above keep on changing with time, which means you opt to keep yourself updated on them.

Final thoughts

As we wind up, we highly suggest you research on the following factors to help you get the best CBD oil:

Extraction. To get the best hemp CBD oil, you need to check or research on the extraction before releasing your money in exchange for the product. Some brands use toxic substances in the process of extraction such as butane and propane. Mostly, they sell such oils very cheap. Ethanol is the best to be used in the extraction process. Ethanol is capable of cleaning the hemp plant and set it free from toxic and harmful substances.

Laboratory results. Lab information results are important to be provided on the product so that the buyer can have access to more information about the product. Therefore, make sure you confirm whether the manufacturers included laboratory results on the product. If not then, the CBD oil may be unsafe.

Where the hemp is grown. Some areas have toxic substances for plants. These substances are found in the soil and in the atmosphere, which may be gases, metals such as lead and other substances. When they come into contact with the plant or through some biological process, they make the plant toxic hence unsafe for human consumption. Therefore, consumers should have information on where the hemp is grown and how is the condition of the soil in that area.

Third-party testing. Every company that deals with products that are meant for human consumption should take them to the third party for testing if they are safe for consumption. However, the only way you can know is through accessing the third-party test information which is written on the product. If CBD oil doesn’t come with that information then, chances are, the product did not pass a third-party test and you should avoid it.

Last But Not Least

Finally, it’s ideal if you can choose the concentration of CBD oil as per your preferences. CBD oil tends to come in different forms such as tinctures and vapors. In most cases, tinctures and vapors are highly concentrated, while topicals and sprays have lower concentrations. Above all,  you should note that in CBD oil, higher concentrations do not necessarily mean higher quality. CBD oil dosage for anxiety should be adhered to.

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