Best CBG Oils in the Market: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide [2022]

Best CBG Oils in the Market

Over recent years, CBD has exploded in popularity. No wonder, as typical benefits include reduced anxiety, improved sleep, and safe pain control. If you’re already using CBD products you may be wondering about whether any alternatives could offer even more advantages. In this case, CBG is something to consider.

Or, if you’re new to CBD, but intrigued by the claims that are made about it, you may want to be sure you start with the very best – CBG is increasingly viewed as effective support for a whole range of conditions. However, CBG is relatively unknown compared to CBD. In this article, we’ll explain what it is, and what the research has discovered. To help you choose the best CBG products for you, we’ve trawled through what’s currently available on the market, comparing dozens of products, to share our top picks.

Best CBG Oils in The Market

  • Fab CBD: Editor’s Choice and Overall Best CBG
  • CBDistillery: Best Price/Value CBG
  • NuLeaf Naturals: Best Organic Brand

How We Compiled Our List

To ensure we selected best the CBG brands in the market, that offer authentically high-quality products, we assessed several different factors, including:

Source of Hemp

For top-quality oil, you need the best quality plants. Healthy plants need rich soil to thrive. So we considered how the plants are nurtured. Are they farmed without pesticides or herbicides? Are they non-GMO? Does the grower have organic certification? To guarantee that they use quality plants raised according to strict agricultural standards, we selected brands that use USA-grown hemp.


CBG is often blended with CBD, which can be full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and isolate. It is important to understand which type your CGB product is mixed with. Isolate is pure CBD extract. All the other active chemicals found in the hemp are removed.

Broad-spectrum CBD contains a wide range of compounds, but all traces of THC (the psychoactive component) are removed. Full-spectrum not only contains all the other chemical compounds, it includes up to 0.3% THC. It is considered the most potent type, due to the ‘the entourage effect’, ie the chemicals work in synergy.


When you’re buying CBG which is combined with a CBD product, it’s important to check the ratio of CBG to CBD. CBG is the most expensive ingredient, so you need to avoid CBG oil brands that advertise CBG to hike the price but in reality, only include a minimal amount compared to the CBD they contain.


All CBG and CBD products are blended into a carrier oil – for example, coconut – with the possible addition of flavorings and aromas. It’s important to ensure that these are the highest, quality, and preferably organic.

Brand Reputation

We searched hundreds of user reviews to ensure that the brands we chose offer a consistent product and service.


We were looking for brands that are open about every aspect of their product and operation. In particular, we insisted that the results of 3rd party lab testing are easily accessible on their website. Why is this so important? As CBG is a natural product, the amount extracted from each batch can vary. As a consumer, you need to know the percentage of CBG in any product you buy for strength as well as to help you make price comparisons.


Most CBG is taken as a tincture – you place drops under your tongue, hold, then swallow. So the flavor has to be palatable.

Customer Service

CBG is not a low-cost product, so we wanted to know that if it didn’t work for you, for any reason, there’s a money-back guarantee in place.

Top CBG Oil in The Market: Our Review



Fabcbd CBG oil
  • CBG Type: full-spectrum CBD
  • Potency: 2400mg
  • Flavors: Citrus and Mint
  • Price Range: $129

In-Depth Review

This product represents great value because of the great ratio of CBG to CBD oil. Also, the full-spectrum CBD makes it even more powerful due to the entourage effect. In terms of the quality of their ingredients, they craft the best CBD oil from organically-grown Colorado hemp plants, which are pesticide- and GMO-free. They use industry-leading CO2 extraction methods.

The company’s stated mission is to help a new generation of people to live a preventative wellness lifestyle through science, innovation, and premium supplementation. As a result, their website contains plenty of information to educate both new and experienced users.

In addition to CBG, FAB CBD offers a great range of products for stress regulation, insomnia, exercise recovery, joint stiffness relief, and other types of pain. CBD Oils, gummies, topical creams salves, and even dog treats are all available.


  • 1:1 ratio of CBG to CBD – justifies the price
  • Organically grown, USA hemp
  • Delicious flavors
  • Interest-free payment plan to spread the cost
  • Free shipping for CBG orders
  • Full, money-back guarantee



CBDistellery CBG Oil
  • CBD Type: full-spectrum CBD
  • Potency: 30ml
  • Flavors: Natural Hemp
  • Price Range:  $125

In-Depth Review

This is a relatively new kid on the CBD/CBG block as is clear from their website. However, they’re cornering a niche in the market with their versatile and impressive CBG Isolate powder, for consumers who are looking for pure CBG.


  • CBG Isolate- spectacular value
  • Isolate powder is the best way to take CBG oil for pain –can be mixed into creams and lotions for topical application
  • High ratio of CBG to CBD in their tincture
  • They offer gift certificates, which is a nice idea for friends and family
  • Rewards program for regular customers

NuLeaf Naturals


Nuleaf Natural Cbg oil
  • CBD Type: full-spectrum CBD and organic virgin hemp seed oil
  • Potency: 13mg
  • Flavors: Natural Hemp
  • Price Range: Full Spectrum CBG Oil ($38.50 -$179), Softgels  ($38.50 to $179)

In-Depth Review

Since its launch in 2014, NuLeaf Naturals has earned a reputation as a market leader. Their range includes organic full-spectrum CBD, CBG, CBC, Delta 8 THC, and CBN in oils, capsules, gummies, and salves. They earn rave reviews and their products have been featured on respected websites such as Forbes and In particular, users report that their CBG products produce profound mental and physical relaxation, which makes it easier to achieve deep restful sleep.


  • Soft gels make exact dosage easy
  • Full-spectrum extracts increase the beneficial effects
  • Organic raw materials,
  • Range of product sizes -300mg to 1800mg
  • Free shipping within the USA

CBG Oil: What Is It?

CBG is a chemical found in the cannabis plant. It’s a building block for other cannabinoids and is sometimes referred to as the ‘mother’ compound of CBD and THC. It works in the same way as CBD and THC by acting on the body’s cannabinoid receptors to produce beneficial health effects

In cannabis plants, there’s much more CBD and THC found than CBG. Plants typically only contain 1% CBG, versus 20-25% CBD, and 25-30% THC. Certain strains of cannabis that contain a higher proportion of CBG are already being cultivated, but it remains quite scarce. This is why it’s more expensive than CBD.

How Does It Work?

The website explains that CBG interacts with the body’s cannabinoid receptors—found within the brain, the spinal column, and elsewhere in the nervous system—to offer a range of health benefits, including anxiety reduction, improved sleep, pain relief, and reduction of inflammation.

Advantages of CBG Oil

Early research findings suggest that CBG could have exciting benefits for humans. It’s the focus of a lot of attention from the scientific community, so definitive results should become available soon. Here are some of the benefits that recent studies are showing:

Concentration & Focus

Improved concentration is a benefit reported by CBG users, although the exact mechanism isn’t understood yet. However, scientists believe that CBG may help with neurogenesis – the creation of new brain cells.

Lowers daily Stress Levels

Consumers are increasingly using CBD to help manage their response to life’s daily stresses, and CBG is even more effective. It is believed to control the breakdown of GABA, the powerful neurotransmitter that controls our ability to relax and stay calm. Research is also suggesting that CBG has another important mood-boosting effect – it helps the brain to sustain a higher activity level of 5-HT serotonin (the feel-good hormone).

Improved Eye Health

Eye tissue contains a high concentration of cannabinoid receptors, so it may be that CBG and CBD can be useful for anyone who wants to support their eye health.

Supports a Healthy Inflammatory and Immune Response

Inflammation is an essential part of the way the body protects itself. However, sometimes it can overreact, perceiving cells to be invaders and attacking them. This mechanism contributes to a wide range of painful, chronic diseases, including IBS and rheumatoid arthritis. CBG has been shown to have positive effects on particular channels related to the inflammatory response.

Reduces Muscular Pain

In studies, CBG has been found to have a more powerful analgesic effect than THC, which is the component used in medical marijuana to manage pain. It’s also a muscle relaxant, so it not only eases aches and pains, but it also helps to create a sense of calm and comfort.

How is CBG Extracted?

There are various extraction methods used to extract CBG, CBD, THC, and the other 120+ cannabinoids from the hemp plant. We wanted to ensure that the brands we chose use techniques that not only produce oil with a high degree of purity but that also preserve the greatest number of active compounds. We also wanted to ensure that their techniques are environmentally friendly.

Ethanol is the oldest method of extracting not just CBD, but all the cannabinoids from the hemp plant, so it’s often used for full-spectrum products. However, CO2 is increasingly used as a cleaner alternative. Water, steam, and ice can also be used to produce fine oils.

How to Take CBG?

Everybody’s different, so it’s impossible to set a strict CBG dosage. How to take CBG oil depends on you – is it to help reduce your anxiety levels, or to help you sleep? Or are you dealing with chronic arthritis pain? The key will be to experiment and find what’s best for you. The best advice is to start low, and gradually increase the dose until you feel you’re getting the effects that you need.

For example, with FAB CBDs CBG/CBD tincture, they recommend using half a dropper (0.5ml), once per day. This delivers 20mg of CBG and 20mg of CBD. Place the tincture under your tongue, hold for 60 seconds, and then swallow. After seven days, when you’ve had time to assess the effects, you might increase to twice daily and again, assess the effects.

CBG Oil: Safety and Side Effects

To date, serious medical risks have been linked to CBG. However, we’re all different and a few side effects have been reported, usually by new users. The most common is diarrhea. While your system gets used to the CBG, keep yourself well-hydrated, consider using a smaller dose and build up slowly.

Some people feel fatigued when they start using CBG oil for anxiety or insomnia. This can be a positive effect if you’re struggling with disturbed sleep patterns. To avoid issues at work and in your daily life, begin by using CBG at night. Also, take special care at first, if you need to drive or using heavy machinery. Users also sometimes report changes in appetite when they start consuming CBG. Again, just notice any changes and make adjustments to support your well-being.

Which is Better For Me: CBD or CBG?

This is impossible to answer. When you’re trying to decide which is best, CBG oil for anxiety is probably the more powerful. Likewise, whether CBG oil is best for sleep will depend on each individual. While the benefits of CBG oil are becoming ever clearer, it may be that CBD works well enough for you. A safe approach would be to start with CBD, and, once you understand how it affects your body, you may want to test the benefits of CBG oil.

Where to Buy CBG Oil?

We recommend buying online. Why? First of all, you’ll be able to check out the Certificates of Analysis to ensure you’re getting the amount of CBG promised. Secondly, it’s easier to access information about the brand and hemp quality. Thirdly, if for any reason the product doesn’t work for you, you’ll have a money-back guarantee, which you won’t get if you buy in a retail store. Finally, if you love the product, you’ll become eligible for rewards and discount programs.

Final Thoughts

While the science isn’t conclusive yet, CBG has already been shown to have potentially beneficial effects on the body’s cannabinoid receptors, which give it a proven range of health and wellness benefits. And yes, CBG is more expensive than CBD, but considering how scarce this compound is, the extra cost can be justified.

Just make sure that, if you’re buying a combination CBG/CBD product, that the ratio of the two compounds is 1:1 (or near enough), so you’ll obtain the powerful extra benefits of the CBG which make it worth paying the premium. Choose a high-quality, reputable brand that offers full information about the composition of its products via independent laboratories, and you’ll be confident about the CBG content of the product you buy.

Overall, we believe that CBG is a good buy for a whole range of reasons. If you’re ready to take the plunge and join the ever-growing army of CBG fans, go for it, and enjoy all the positive changes you’ll experience.

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