An In-depth Review of Bubba Kush Cannabis Strain & It’s Wide Range of Effects

Bubba kush strain

Apart from being used for entertainment, Marijuana is a perfect natural remedy for a number of diseases. This plant is normally split into various strains with the most common ones being sativa and Indica. An Indica dominant marijuana is great for relaxation and to provide pain relief. One such type of strain is Bubba Kush and this article provides a deep review of this cannabis strain.

What Is Bubba Kush?

It is a type of Indica strain which has a lot of uses. Bubba Kush is known globally for its wide range of effects which include the ‘couch-lock’, muscle relaxation, calming the mind, increased appetite, sleepiness, and improved moods. Genetically, it contains a high THC content which can reach the heights of 27 percent. The Indica dominant Kush contains 30 percent of sativa and 70 percent of Indica. However, the origins of this weed are somehow still a mystery. One of its parents is the OG Kush and an unknown cannabis strain. Although the genetics of Bubba Kush make it a mixed breed of Indica, it’s still very effective. It can be used to treat conditions such as stress, nausea, insomnia among others. It’s also known as Bubblegum Kush or the Bubble Kush.

Bubba Strain:  Aroma and Appearance

This weed has a sweet aroma that may remind you of coffee or chocolate. In regards to flavor, it’s associated with earth-like and hashish. Bubba Kush has a nutty type of taste and it deeply engages with the taste buds of the user, creating a whirlwind wave of pleasure.

Although its buds resemble those of a typical cannabis plant, they come in colors such as purple and green. The plants have amber colored or orange hairs which normally stick in between. It’s an attractive Kush that has a bright appearance with a vivid presence. It attracts both stoners as well as patients thanks to its unique, enticing twist of beautiful appearance and effectiveness.

Bubba Kush Strain Effects

This marijuana strain is one of the most unique. It’s normally enjoyed by users who are in for a relaxed day because it simply takes you into a cool mental bliss. Bubba Kush contains high amounts of resin which makes it ideal in treating sleeping conditions such as insomnia.

This weed normally hits very hard and even the hardcore users are normally aware. If you are going to use Bubba Kush, ensure that you have some few snacks nearby if you have not eaten enough food because after a few puffs, it will sedate you and make you sink very deep in whatever place/chair you’re on. Bubba Kush improves your concentration and clears your mind of unnecessary clutter. However, this weed can’t alter your thoughts so expect to be still coherent and clear even after use.

Generally, it hits your emotions and body very hard. The result of this is improved moods but less physical functions. So, if you are experiencing some physical tensions, this is the best option for you. Overall, users become more happy, giggly, hungry, and sleepy. A combination of all these effects leads to joy and a feeling of euphoria.

Cannabis Bubba Kush: Medical Benefits

Taking this weed can be used to treat and reduce the symptoms of mild and severe medical conditions. Bubba Kush contains elements which help to fight diseases and provide a soothing effect. Outlined below are the medical benefits of this marijuana strain.

Easing Anxiety

One of the mental disorders that a huge number of people are struggling with is anxiety. The evolvement of technology means that more and more people are spending lots of time behind their devices. As a result, going out and socializing with others can easily spark anxiety and uneasiness. This weed helps to combat this issue by calming the mind and relaxing the body.

Cancer and HIV/AIDS

This indica strain contains powerful elements that help to fight the devastating effects of cancer treatment i.e. chemotherapy and the effect of HIV/AIDs. It promotes the functions of the immune system and increases the body’s resistance in fighting diseases.

Improved Appetite

Bubba Kush can be used or added with drugs which are used to treat conditions such as anorexia. For people who are struggling with bad eating habits, this marijuana strain can be taken before meals (as edibles, gummies, concentrates etc.), to improve feeding habits. It stimulates your taste buds and promotes food cravings.

Insomnia and Sleeplessness

By fighting mental disorders such as depression and chronic stress, this weed can easily improve your sleeping habits. It increases the production of melatonin which is normally associated with sleep. Additionally, it calms and relaxes the body, resulting in a good night’s sleep.

Although this weed doesn’t promise to cure all the above-mentioned diseases, it makes it easier for the patient to handle it. You can take it as live resins, gummies, concentrates, and edibles. For those with serious medical conditions such as eating disorders, insomnia etc. Bubba Kush should be taken in larger doses to ensure that you experience better and long-lasting effects.

Bubba Kush strain

OG Bubba Kush Strain: Growing Information

As much as purchasing Bubba weed offers convenience, some people may opt to grow it for a large supply. However, before venturing into the growing field, it’s important to understand that this weed thrives in specific types of climate and environment.

Growing Location

Purple Bubba Kush, for instance, can thrive in an indoor or outdoor space. But if you plant it outside the area needs to be dry. The ideal time for outdoor cultivation is during spring because of the low temperatures. For easier and better management, most bubba Kush weed growers usually opt to cultivate it indoors.

Soil or Hydroponics System

If you are going to cultivate this wed outdoors, then you need to ensure that the soil is free from chemicals. However, outdoors growing is generally difficult because it’s not very easy to manage pests and diseases. A hydroponics system is good for indoor planting. It allows growers to easily control and monitor aspects such as nutrient supply and PH level.

Minerals and Non-Mineral Elements

Just like other types of plants Bubba OG Strain needs three essential minerals in order for it to grow. They are nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus. During the vegetative state, you can amplify the supply of calcium and magnesium. Other important minerals that may be needed are; copper, chlorine, silicon, and manganese. The important non-minerals which Bubba Kush needs is oxygen, carbon, and hydrogen.

Temperature and Humidity

The favorable temperature which Bubba Kush can thrive in is around 70 degrees-Fahrenheit although it can still survive in temperatures that reach 80 degrees. The best temperature range of this weed is therefore between 67 and 80. In terms of humidity, Bubba Kush needs a humid range of 55-70 percent and most importantly when it’s in the vegetative stage. However, during the flowering stage, humidity should be reduced to around 40-45 percent.


The main type of management that Bubba Kush needs is trimming the leaves. Note that when this plant is very leafy, the amount of harvest is reduced. Ensure that your prune the big leaves to ensure that the buds receive enough sunlight.

Types of Bubba Kush

This weed has been used with other types of weeds to create various types of phenotypes. Its strong genetics and effectiveness have made it attractive and efficient for a number of uses.

The most common types of Bubba Kush Weed include:

Katsu Bubba Kush

This is a unique type of phenotype that has a deep profile of terpene. Katsu hits very strongly, thanks to its dense and high THC contents. It gently cascades throughout the body, creating a feeling of euphoria.  It helps to reduce stress, anxiety and calms the mind. Users can take this weed to combat symptoms of insomnia, minor pain, and nausea. Besides those, it’s also an appetite enhancer.

Purple Bubba Kush

This weed’s parents are the Indica dominant Purple Kush a Bubba. It’s a powerful cannabis that derives its potent effect from its strong parents. Purple Kush has a fruity taste and a few puffs will quickly send you to euphoria. It’s used to treat and ease symptom of anxiety, chronic pain, and reduced appetite.

Potential Side Effects of Bubba Kush

For those who have demanding schedules, Bubba Kush shouldn’t be taken earlier in the day because it’s a sedative. It may make you feel sleepier. You can use once you have completed all your serious businesses or for entertainment.

Besides that, this Kush just like others can cause dry eyes & dry mouth. It dehydrates the cells in the body but you can easily manage this issue by drinking lots of water throughout the day. Make use of eye drops with high moisture content to treat dry eyes. Note that people with mental diseases should be cautious when using Bubba Kush. They shouldn’t exceed their normal limits. Increasing your normal intake level while you’re suffering from a mental disease can increase your chances of experiencing a different mental real, increased anxiety, and paranoia.

Final Thoughts

Bubba Kush has a lot of medical benefits and it’s also suitable for use during entertainment. However, it should be taken with care because it can easily put you in a couchlock. This is a condition that renders you ineffective and you end up barely moving from the sofa.

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