Can CBD Help with Depression?

Can CBD Help with Depression

Research reports by the National Institute of Mental Health indicate that more than 20 million adults in America have experienced some form of depressive episodes in their lives. Statistics show that over 350 million people are suffering from depression globally. This condition is also one of the leading causes of various disabilities. As much as conventional treatment options are effective, they come with a lot of side effects.

CBD has become a viable alternative for treating depression. Research and reviews from CBD Oil users indicate that this plant-based extract isn’t only effective but it also has minimal side effects. If you wish to understand the relationship between CBD and Depression, then keep reading.

What is Depression?

Depression is a mental problem that’s normally characterized by a persistent feeling of sadness and a general loss of interest in life. This condition normally interferes the way the brain chemicals are supposed to function. It changes a person’s outlook based on habits and attitude. The Symptoms, causes, as well as the severity of depression, usually vary from person to person.

Possible Causes of Depression

This mental condition is caused by a variety of issues. Research indicates that it’s a complex condition that alters the way the brain chemicals are designed to function.

 The main causes of depression include:

  • Abuse: It could be sexual, physical or emotional.
  • Conflict with family members and close friends
  • Death or loss of a loved one
  • Certain types of medications
  • Substance abuse
  • Genetics
  • Serious illness

Symptoms of Depression

Symptoms of depression come in different levels of severity. For instance, Depression normally alters the functions of neural circuits thereby resulting in a chemical imbalance.

Common symptoms include:

  • Persistent feeling of sadness or pessimism
  • Constant fatigue
  • Loss of appetite
  • Restlessness
  • Anxiety and irritability
  • Poor self-esteem
  • Sleeplessness
  • Poor decision making
  • Loss of focus and difficulty in thinking
  • Pain e.g. joint pains, stomachache, or headaches.
  • Suicidal thoughts

Types of Depression

This medical condition normally manifests itself in multiple ways. However, It all depends on the personalities of the affected individuals. There are various types of depression and the commonly experienced ones include:

  • Chronic depression
  • Major depression
  • Psychotic depression
  • Bipolar depression
  • Postpartum depression
  • Seasonal-Affective Disorder
  • Substance-Induced Mood Disorder

The symptoms will manifest themselves based on the type and determine your coping mechanisms. Depression is often accompanied by certain phobias, eating disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and panic attacks. Additionally, patients can also experience severe pain such as joint and backaches. Others end up with gastrointestinal issues and change in sleep patterns.

People who suffer from depression normally describe it a massive weight that you have to carry with you on daily basis. It’s literally very hard for depressed persons to forget their condition because it eats them up, mentally. Sometimes, it even gets difficult to do personal cleanliness because even getting out of bed is a task.

Note: More than 30 percent of depressed individuals who end up committing suicide normally have major depression.

Conventional Depression Treatment

Every depression patient is normally given a tailored treatment. This depends on the results of the diagnosis. The end goal of the treatment plan is to ensure that the patient can manage the depression symptoms and receive relief in the long run. The most commonly used treatments are medications and psychotherapy.

Prescription Medications

  • They include selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors
  • Antipsychotics
  • Anxiolytic
  • Antidepressants

Psychotherapy Treatment

  • Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy to replace patterns of negative thoughts
  • Psychotherapy
  • Behavior therapy

CBD & Depression: How Does This Natural Compound Work?

At the moment, a huge percentage of Americans, especially adults, are relying on antidepressants. It’s estimated that more than 35 percent of the depression patients have admitted that the antidepressants aren’t very effective. Additionally, they also result in extra and unwanted side effects.

It’s because of this that most patients are now using alternative forms treatment and most of them are non-conventional drugs. CBD is one of the best alternatives currently. It provides calmness, relaxes the mind, and uplifts mood. Additionally, it doesn’t have any intoxicating effect.

Studies have established the endocannabinoid system found in animals provides a certain type of response to cannabinoids that are extracted from marijuana. CBD, in this case will interact with the receptors that are found in the endocannabinoid system i.e. CB1. This receptor is found in the brain and the whole of the nervous system. CB1 helps to reduce hyperactivity, one of the symptoms of depression.  Furthermore, studies have established that it relaxes the body and calms the mind, an effect that’s associated with depression. Besides all those, CBD also facilitates the production of serotonin and dopamine chemicals that are associated with good mood.

CBD for Depression: Effective Regimen

In order for the CBD oils for depression products to be effective, users are advised to use full-spectrum CBD. Gel Capsules or Tinctures are considered to be the most effective. Note that tinctures and gels have the same types of ingredients and the only notable difference is the form in which they exist as well as the dosage.  The products have to be taken consistently in order to provide therapeutic effects. So, what’s the most effective regimen?

Daily Maintenance

Depression requires daily management. CBD can be taken in small doses at the start to help reduce the depressive episodes. Therefore, to make the daily maintenance process effective, patients need to take CBD tinctures or capsules consistently. For starters, a 5 mg dose is good and then you can gradually increase this amount. If you fail to receive any change, simply increase your dose. The best thing about taking these CBD edibles is that they provide long-lasting effects. Above all, You can be able to experience fewer depression symptoms for hours and sometimes a full day. However, patients should know that when CBD is taken as an edible, the effects usually take some time before they can be fully experienced. This is because the compound has to be first broken by the liver before it can find its way into the bloodstream.

Managing Severe Flare-Ups

Managing the daily flare-ups is great. But it’s also important to find a way of managing the acute depressive episodes. They normally occur randomly because you are anxious, sad, or confused etc. The best CBD Oil for depression products for this condition are isolates. Vaping or inhaling the isolates provides a quick and effective way of managing flare-ups. It provides instant effects and it’s suitable for discreetness. In conclusion, CBD isolates normally calm down the whole body by proving a soothing wave of calmness. Apart from the isolates, you can use pills or tinctures to get a sustained effect.

Note: Before using CBD is an alternative treatment for depression, you need to first seek advice from your doctor. Additionally, if you are depressed and suffering from other medical issues, avoid using CBD Oil until your doctor gives you the green light. Also, make sure that you start taking CBD in small doses until you reach a level that works for you.

CBD and Depression: Benefits

CBD has been established to be an effective remedy for various mental problems. The CBD oils for depression products include isolates, pills, capsules, edibles, and tinctures. So, what are some of the expected benefits of using this cannabis compound for depression?

Improved Sleep

Some people who are suffering from depression have to constantly deal with sleeplessness or insomnia. in other words, one of the benefits of CBD oil is to improve sleep patterns. It promotes a good night rest with quality & long-lasting sleep.

Pain Relief

The CBD oil produces contains properties such as anti-inflammatory. It’s suitable for treating severe and chronic diseases such as fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, cancer, and other diseases which normally lead to depression.

Uplifting Mood

Those who are depressed are always suffering from constant mood changes. CBD Oils contains elements which help to improve serotonin and dopamine. These two chemicals which are found in the body are normally responsible for good mood. Depression is usually associated with low levels of the above-mentioned transmitters. In addition, CBD oil increases calmness and leads to better relaxation which results in better mood.

Final Thoughts

Depression is a condition that mentally eats millions of people worldwide. Even with the availability of clinical drugs which seem effective, most people have reported that they have numerous dangerous side effects.  They are not only expensive and ineffective but some patients end up becoming addicted to the drugs. Suicidal thoughts are also associated with the conventional anti-depressants.

The best thing about using CBD is that it’s a natural plant extract which has minimal side effects. It has proved to be one of the most effective types of plant-based antidepressants. Additionally, it’s a non-addictive extract that’s cheap. The use of CBD oil for medical purposes has been approved in most states which means that patients now have wider access.

About the author

Avery Sofia graduated in 2014 with a degree in biological sciences, and she has a strong interest in health and fitness. She subsequently leaves her job as a health consultant to pursue her passion for writing. One of the reasons she now writes about hemp is because of her enthusiasm for it and its unlimited potential, including the practical therapeutic uses in creating CBD. Sofia is a knowledgeable writer who consistently publishes current articles regarding hemp, its uses, and its potential. He spends his free time visiting persons with neurological disorders and advising them on the finest practices that can help them transform their life.

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