Can You Vape CBD Oil?

A Girl Vaping CBD Oil

The health and wellness market has finally embraced CBD over the past few years. Thanks to the lifting or relaxing of legal restrictions in many parts of the United States, cannabis-based products are quickly becoming a staple industry.

Cannabidiol – or CBD as it is more widely known – has made waves in recent years. This is in great part thanks to the ever-increasing number of innovative ways to consume it. From food supplements like oils, different kinds of butter, and gummies, to lotions and topical applicants – there’s never been a better time to introduce CBD into your daily routine in an easy way.

One of these ways is through vaping. Vaping has also grown in popularity in recent years and is an ever-growing market of its own. But is it possible to vape CBD oil? How do you do it? Is it an effective or efficient way of getting your daily dose of CBD?

Let’s take a deeper look and see if we can find the answers.

What Is CBD?

Before we do, however, it’s important that we understand exactly what CBD is and how this affects whether or not vaping is the best way of taking it.

CBD – or cannabidiol as it’s known scientifically – is a chemical compound found naturally within the cannabis Sativa plant. It lives alongside other well-known chemicals, such as THC. THC is known to be the compound responsible for the “high” experienced when smoking marijuana. This THC is removed when extracting CBD, so no intoxicating effects are experienced from CBD products.

How CBD Works

CBD is similar in its chemical makeup to the cannabinoids that are produced naturally within our own human bodies.

These human cannabinoids travel through something called the endocannabinoid system – ECS for short. This is related to the nervous system and allows cannabinoids to travel around the body, sending signals and telling the body to perform various automatic functions. This could be anything from regulating the production of endorphins to maintaining a general sense of wellbeing within the body.

CBD can use the ECS to travel around the body too, thanks to its similarities with our own cannabinoids. This allows it to gently promote wellness wherever it’s needed.cbd


CBD is best utilized by the human body when it is accompanied by oil or various kinds of fat. This is why it is recommended to eat certain fatty foods before taking your regular dose of CBD. But oil is also a great medium in which CBD can be taken.

CBD oil is specifically infused with CBD so that the taker can consume a few drops easily and be sure that more of the CBD will be absorbed by their body than taking CBD without it.

The oil helps increase the bioavailability of the CBD. This means the amount of CBD that is not lost to the processes of the body before entering the bloodstream. For example, the digestive system is particularly good at breaking down CBD. CBD oil helps alleviate this problem.


Vaping itself – similarly to CBD – has become incredibly popular over the past few years. It is used by many as a tool to help quit smoking, and as such has found popularity among a wide range of customers. This popularity has led to numerous different kinds of vaping liquid being developed and sold, including many different flavors.

How To Vape CBD

For those looking to vape in order to get their dose of CBD, there are important distinctions that must be understood.

Mainly, it’s important to remember that CBD oil should not be vaped. It is not designed to be used in a vape pen. There are specific CBD-infused liquids that are created especially to be used in vapes and e-cigarettes. Confusingly, these liquids are also known as “CBD vape oils”, however, they do not actually contain any oil at all.

If you are looking for CBD vaping products, do not be fooled by the use of the word “oil” in the name of the produce. Be sure to look for any mention of vaping on the product itself, and this will tell you if it can be used in a vape pen or e-cigarette.

If you find the right product, vaping is actually a great way to get a quick dose of CBD into your bloodstream. On top of this, it is also a much more efficient use of CBD, as it has high bioavailability when compared to other methods, such as ingesting CBD.

Can CBD Oil Be Vaped? Is It A Good Idea?

So in summary, can you vape CBD oil, and is it a good way of getting your regular dose of CBD?

In short: CBD oil cannot be vaped, but CBD vape oil can be. This can be confusing to many newcomers to vaping and CBD, but as long as you look for references to vaping on the product itself, vaping CBD can be great.

If you find proper CBD vape oil, it can be an excellent method of getting a high amount of CBD into your bloodstream quickly, without losing much of it in the process.

So if you’re looking for new ways of taking CBD, vaping is a great and convenient method for many people.

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