Review of Charlotte’s Web Cannabis Strain and How Effective It Is

Charlotte’s Web cannabis strain

There are numerous increasing cases of medical conditions that are not treatable by conventional drugs. Lately, there have been cases of parents as well as adults disagreeing with authorities about the use of alternative forms of treatment. Additionally, there have been scenarios where parents have decided to use natural remedies to treat their kids as clinical drugs have failed to be effective. One case that drew global attention is that of Charlotte Web. This girl’s parents decided to turn to marijuana as an alternative remedy for Dravet syndrome. The result is that the weed which had been specifically designed for her was given her name.

Even with the ongoing legal battles about the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes, some states in the US have approved its use for recreational. At the moment, only 3 states have failed to legalize the use of cannabis while almost 30 of them have legalized it for medicinal or recreation purposes or even both. Charlotte’s Web is one strain that’s rare but it has a huge demand.  The safe and powerful weed’s use, especially for epilepsy is what has attracted most users. So, what’s Charlotte’s Web cannabis strain and how effective is it? To help you understand this cannabis plant, below is a detailed review of Charlotte’s Web weed.

What is Charlotte’s Web Marijuana

Originally Charlotte’s Web is named after a girl who is known as Charlotte Figi. It’s a type of weed that has a THC content of not more than 0.3 percent. This premium marijuana was initially designed to treat epilepsy but it can also be used to treat various other medical problems. What makes Charlotte’s Web suitable for medical purposes is its high level of CBD. The pure strain is normally cultivated by Colorado growers who hold the rights of its cultivation. This means that getting Charlotte’s Web Seeds is not easy and only a few people can access it legitimately.

Charlotte’s Web Strain Origins

As stated above, this marijuana is normally grown by Colorado growers. It was mainly designed for Charlotte Figi, a young girl who suffered from a severe form of childhood epilepsy. Reports show that this strain was able to reduce the constant intense seizures this girl suffered. According to reviews, Charlotte’s Web has over 17 percent of CBD which helps to calm the body especially mentally. After using this weed daily as a form of therapy, this girl was able to only experience a few seizures monthly and somedays she experienced none. Although this cannabis isn’t very popular, it’s one of the highly demanded strains throughout the medical community. Apart from Colorado other areas which this weed can be found include states as California and Washington.

Charlotte’s Web Strain: The Growing Information

Because the growing rights of this cannabis are held by an organization, it’s illegal for other growers to cultivate Charlotte’s Web for commercial use. As a result, there is little growing information about it and getting the authentic Charlotte’s Web seeds isn’t easy. If you want to grow it for personal use then you can get the clone seeds.

Although there’s scarce information about the suitable climatic conditions for Charlotte’s Web marijuana, it’s known that it can thrive in an indoor space or a garden that’s outdoors. It’s reported that it takes about 9 weeks for it to fully mature. Growing this weed indoors means that you will be able to harvest them by the middle of October. The expected yields is normally an average of 16 ounces which is moderately high when you compare it to other marijuana. If you are going to grow it, expect low yields that can dip to about 12 ounces for every square meter but you can still get a high of 16 ounces if the climate is favorable.

Charlotte’s Web Cannabis: Effects Charlotte’s Web

Being a weed that is dominant with sativa, Charlotte’s Web has a 40 percent content of Indica and the remaining percentage for sativa. Although it might have some traces of THC, they are usually very low hence they can’t result in a psychoactive effect.  Taking Charlotte’s Web doesn’t alter the way the mind works and instead it helps to balance and uplift your feeling, leading a general relaxed feeling.

Everybody responds uniquely to this weed. Looking at the reviews, most users of Charlotte’s Web cannabis strain experienced demeanor improved in addition to good moods. Some of them reported a natural and well-sustained surge in the levels of energy in the body. This could be attributed to an increase in the cells’ rate of metabolism. By creating mild or intense waves of joy as well as an increase in energy, Charlotte’s Web leads to enhanced productivity throughout the day.

Besides all these effects, this marijuana can be used to create drugs which can reduce the symptoms or effects of anxiety, PTSD, headaches, stress, and other chronic or mild diseases. It’s a non-addictive type of cannabis that is suitable for extended use.

Charlotte’s Web cannabis strain

Charlotte’s Web Cannabis Strain: Medical Benefits

There is no doubt that the high level of the CBD compound that is found in this cannabis plant is responsible for its numerous health benefits. Charlotte’s Web is rich in cannabidiol, a type of cannabinoid that attaches itself to receptors in the endocannabinoid system which are known as CB2. By doing so, it slows them from sending pain signals to the brain. Furthermore, the cannabidiol also is responsible for producing anti-inflammatory benefits which help to reduce pain. Users should be aware that the CB2 is found in all cells in the body. This means that CBD has the ability to go through various organs, tissues, or systems.

Some of the medical benefits of this marijuana include:

Reducing the Severity of Epilepsy

Initially, this marijuana strain was formulated for Charlotte Figi in order to treat the Dravet Syndrome. It’s a severe and rare type of epilepsy that normally affects kids. The weed can reduce the severity of this condition by changing the brain cells that are affected. It nourishes the brain and leads to an overall reduction in the frequency of seizures.

Improving Mental Well-Being

Virtually, this cannabis doesn’t contain THC and it works well to improve the mental capabilities of the consumer. It improves focus and the attention span leading to better mental well-being. This weed also has the ability to reduce or prevent the degenerative effects of Alzheimer’s, preventing its spread and improving the memory of the patient.

Relieving Pain

The high level of CBD found in this weed indicates its effectiveness in reducing pain. Charlotte’s Web contains antibodies that help to fight diseases and anti-inflammatories which reduce various types of pain and inflammations. For those suffering from fibromyalgia, cancer, arthritis, multiple sclerosis etc. This is a suitable natural alternative.

Charlotte’s Web Products

After the extraction process, this marijuana can be used to create multiple types and forms of cannabis-based products. With trace amounts of THC and high CBD, this weed is able to attract a large user base. Common types of Charlotte’s Web products include:

Capsules/ Pills

These are drugs which are clinically formulated and sometimes sold over the counter. Charlotte’s Web capsules usually have a lot of fatty elements that promote the functions of the immune system and support the activities of the nervous system. The capsules contain terpenes which bind themselves to the CB2 receptors changing the body’s response to pain, infections, sleep patterns, etc.


Charlotte’s Web is rich in phytonutrients and it can be used to formulate quality CBD Oil. The weed contains potent phytocannabinoids such CBD in addition to CBG, CBC, and CBD. Just like the capsules, the CBD oil also has terpenes which calm the body, reduces pain, promotes the production of energy, fights harmful radicals, eases social anxiety, and fights PTSD among others.

Possible Side Effects

This non-psychoactive weed that is literally free of THC can cause mild and in rare cases severe negative side effects. However, the side effects do not last for a long time. The most common types of negative effects of Charlotte’s Web include:

  • Dry eyes
  • Cottonmouth (dry mouth).
  • Dizziness
  • Headaches
  • Paranoia

Final Thoughts

What propelled Charlotte’s Web cannabis to global attention is its effectiveness in treating the Dravet Syndrome. The premium and quality weed contains vital compounds that provide the body with multiple health benefits. With anti-anxiety as well as anti-inflammatory properties, this cannabis is effective in easing pain as well as mental conditions such as anxiety. Its rarity means that you cannot find it easily in online stores. The marijuana strain is only found in posh or opulent medical centers.

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