Chemdawg Cannabis Strain Review & Growing Information

Chemdawg Cannabis Strain

Cannabis is normally used for recreational or medical reasons. However, the effectiveness of cannabis usually depends on the strain you are using. there are those strains that have hard-hitting almost instant effects and they are also effective in relieving various health conditions. One such type of cannabis is the Chemdawg strain. Although its lineage is quite ambiguous, it has earned its place among the most potent cannabis strains, and below is the Chemdawg strain review.

What Is Chemdawg Strain?

Chemdawg strain is also known as Chem Dog. The potent marijuana strain’s lineage is still a mystery and very little is known about it. However, some studies indicate that it was created by 2 Colorado-based growers.

This hybrid boasts 15-20% THC hence it’s quite strong with fast-acting effects. But is it an Indica or Sativa-dominant strain? Well, it can be described as a nicely balanced hybrid cannabis strain.

Chemdawg Strain: Aroma and Appearance

This is a cannabis strain that would leave you wanting more. It has a pleasant and powerful stench and it provides the energy rush that your brains need when you have a dull day. Its aroma is a pungent, diesel-like chemical stench that’s sharp and spicy. If you are a beginner, the scent can be quite overpowering.

Its flavor is piney, herb-like, and earthy and it will keep all your senses alert. The high terpene content in this strain usually adds to its strong taste and you will never get disappointed by it once it hits your body.

In terms of appearance, Chemdawg usually grows tall and has medium buds. It has green leaves with sticky trichomes. This usually gives it an attractive silvery appearance. Generally, this is an esthetically appealing strain that’s attractive in an indoor setting.

Chemdawg Strain Effects

Typical Chemdawg effects include intense euphoric effects. In fact, the feeling of euphoria can be classified as 100/100. Besides that, it normally makes consumers happy and social. So, if you are struggling with confidence and anxiety, this is the perfect booster. Taking it will also make you feel relaxed for several hours. However, you must be prepared to deal with hunger pangs.

Chemdawg Cannabis Strain

Chemdawg Strain Reviews: Medical Benefits

Chem dog strain is normally used for several medical purposes since it’s ideal for supporting wellness. For instance, it can help to ease symptoms of anxiety thanks to its therapeutic and calming effects. if used correctly, it can ease symptoms of social anxiety and give you the confidence that you need to interact or get through an event.

Besides that, it helps to promote a sense of focus and improve your productivity during the day. If you are tired after a long day or trip, you can use Chemdawg to relax your body as it helps to eliminate fatigue. For those who struggle with stress and depression, this strain can elevate your mood and stop the feeling of sadness.

Those dealing with painful conditions and inflammation can use Chemdog for assistance. It has cannabinoids that can help to manage pain due to cancer treatment, backaches, headaches, and arthritis pain among others.

Chemdawg Strain Review: Growing Information

This mysterious strain has been around for quite a while and it’s one of the most potent cannabis hybrids available. The quick grower usually responds well to training techniques. Its growth difficulty is moderate with a high yield. Besides that, the flowering time is around 9 weeks.

Growing Location

Chemdawg can grow in both indoor and outdoor locations. Ideally, most farmers usually cultivate it indoors to manage temperature, humidity, and moisture content. If you choose to grow Chemdawg outdoors, then you need to ensure that the environment features a very dry climate since this strain is highly susceptible to mold. But regardless of where you choose to cultivate it, growers usually enjoy high yields of up to 800g per square meter.

Soil or Hydroponics

You can choose to grow your Chemdawg strain in a soil medium or hydroponics system. However, each medium has its pros and cons. For starters, the soil is seen as the green part of the “blue planet”. It dominates 30% of this planet’s surface and that’s why most plants are usually grown in it.

Soil has natural minerals and organic matter that are generally can’t be replicated anyway. That’s why cannabis aficionados usually grow or only buy weed that has been cultivated in soil.

On the other hand, a hydroponic system usually takes away the unpredictability of the soil. This water-based medium is also known as the “solution culture”. It’s ideal for growers who want to have more control of the environment, especially experienced farmers. For a beginner, it might be quite challenging to set up this system at first.

Minerals and Non-Mineral Elements

Chemdawg needs minerals and non-mineral elements for it to grow and thrive. Generally, you need to supply it with a combination of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Nitrogen is important in promoting healthy growth while phosphorus helps to encourage flowering and root growth. Meanwhile, potassium is important in facilitating root growth and the process of photosynthesis.

Other non-primary minerals that your plant needs are sulfur, calcium, and magnesium. They help to promote the overall growth of the plant and facilitating maximum harvest.  The most commonly utilized non-mineral elements are oxygen, carbon, and hydrogen.

Temperature and Humidity

Chemdawg usually prefers mild and dry climatic conditions with temperatures ranging between 68- and 80-degrees F. on the other hand, the humidity should range between 50 and 75%. Ensure that you maintain the temperature and relative humidity during the final stage because a decline in both will slow the whole process and lead to the degradation of terpenes.


This quick grower responds quite well to various training techniques. One of the best ways to increase your yields is by using scrogging i.e., the screen of the green. This technique is highly effective especially if you are using a small growing space.

When using the scrog management method, ensure that you remove foliage from the plant’s base. This will allow more airflow through the canopy. Scrogging is important since Chemdawg has quite dense buds that are usually susceptible to mold and so proper air circulation is important. Other important management techniques include pruning, proper feeding, and lighting among others.

Potential Side Effects of Chemdawg Strain

The high THC levels can result in the feeling of disorientation. However, this is more likely to occur if you take a higher dose of Chemdawg marijuana strain. Besides that, this strain is also known to cause the feeling of paranoia in excess. Research studies have established that paranoia is more likely to affect those who suffer from mental health issues.

Other potential side effects of this cannabis weed include dry mouth and dry eyes. This is because this strain usually affects the optimal functionality of the tear ducts and salivary glands. If you are using a cannabis product for the first time, then you should start with smaller doses. Besides that, seasoned smokers should exercise caution since this weed has a higher amount of THC content.

Note: In case the side effects are severe, seek immediate medical attention.

Final Thoughts

Chemdawg is known for its potent effects that hit hard and very fast. It’s ideal for entertainment as it quickly provides you with great cerebral highs. Besides that, its cannabinoid profile makes it ideal for promoting wellness. It’s ideal in promoting social confidence, ease anxiety, stress, and managing pain. However, it’s important that you use this strain in moderation to avoid unwanted side effects. growers should also consider implementing effective farming practices to ensure that they get optimal yields. Management is also key in ensuring that you supply these cannabis plants with vital nutrients, temperature, and humidity levels, among other things.

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