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Endoca CBD product

Endoca is distinctive compared to the other manufacturers and suppliers on the CBD market, almost all of which have been established in the US, while Endoca is located in Denmark. The company’s history was started by Henry Vincenty, who became intrigued by herbalism and medicinal plants. While studying at university in Copenhagen, the founder travelled around the world practising in mobile clinics to deliver the necessary medical treatment for destitute minorities. He discovered that many synthetic drugs that he was working with were not aiding the patients, but instead were deteriorating their health conditions.

His understanding of the inauspicious outcomes from synthetic medicines inspired him to launch the search for better, safer, natural remedies. Through his systematic investigation, he inquired into an emerging CBD movement in America.

After researching more than a 1000 scientific studies on CBD, and after contacting eminent neurologists, Professors and other experts in the field of medicine about the rewards of marijuana, Vincenty founded Endoca, a business that has become one of the most highly regarded makers of premium-grade CBD products.

Top products for sale and product selection by Endoca

The company’s evolution resulted in Endoca providing a range of CBD products, all of which are comprised of the CBD that is sourced from 100% organic hemp. Industrial hemp (a strain of the Cannabis sativa plant species), which is organic, is not spattered with pesticides, herbicides, GMOs or other harmful chemicals.

To obtain the CBD from the cannabis plants, this Danish manufacturer uses carbon dioxide extraction- one of the most progressive techniques. No chemicals or solvents are required. Therefore, the quality of CBD does not suffer in any way and stays fully Unharmed, so that you can avail yourself of each and every benefit that it provides. Furthermore, Endoca’s goods are made from a heterogeneous selection of cannabinoids.

Another interesting point to note is that the brand is working towards being fully sustainable. Currently, all of the equipment that they utilize to harvest the hemp is powered by oil that has been gathered from the food industry.

Endoca provides a miscellany of tinctures, capsules, skincare and more distinct items, like suppositories and chewing gum. The company’s products are far-ranging, carry high concentrations of CBD, together with other cannabinoids (CBC, CBG, CBN), terpenes (myrcene, limonene, and others) as well as other natural elements from the hemp plant, such as flavonoids, amino acids and vitamins.

To boost shelf life, it is advised that the Endoca products are preserved in a cool, dry place. The tinctures and suppositories should be stored in the refrigerator.

CBD Tinctures

Endoca CBD Tinctures

This Danish manufacturer provides an interesting assortment of CBD tinctures, which are come in concentrations of 300mg (roughly 1mg of CBD/drop) and 1500mg (roughly 5mg/ drop). Their oils also offer omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, as well as vitamin E, all components that help to fight the damage caused by free radicals. Tinctures offer fast relief, as they are quickly absorbed by the body.

CBD Capsules

Endoca also introduced an array of CBD capsules and pills. The 300mg capsules provide 10mg of CBD per capsule, and the 1500mg CBD pills deliver 50mg per capsule. All of Endoca’s capsules and pills are flavourless and unscented, consisting of 100% plant, so you should have no concerns about subjection to hazardous, artificial preservatives.

CBD Skincare

Endoca CBD Skincare

Endoca launched a skincare line: a 750mg hemp salve, a 1500mg whipped hemp body butter and a 20mg lips and skin salve. This range of products is manufactured with non-toxic ingredients, derived from living matter such as shea butter, vanilla and coconut oil.

  • The CBD Salve contains 750mg of CBD as well as hemp seed oil, coconut oil, beeswax, lemon peel oil, vanilla and vitamin E . This ointment can be used for topical relief on parched, inflamed or cracked skin for natural hydration, protection from cold and windy weather, antioxidant relief, but also to combat skin rashes.
  • The CBD Body Butter was developed for all-over moisturizing relief and comes in medium or high strengths (300mg and 1500mg). This body butter helps your skin stay smooth and hydrated. Further ingredients include shea butter, palm oil, cocoa seed butter, hemp seed oil, coconut oil, root starch, vanilla, beeswax and vitamin E.
  • The CBD Lip Balm has 20mg of CBD with organic hemp oil, beeswax, coconut oil, vitamin E, vanilla extract, limonene and honey for moisturized lips with a light flavour.

CBD Extracts

Endoca CBD Extract

These CBD extracts are similar to the oil, but they contain waxes of the plants and are available in the 2000mg and 3000mg potencies. Since the production of Endoca’s CBD paste skips the step of CO2 extraction, the CBD oil does not endure additional filtration to achieve refinement. Therefore, the CBD paste has a thicker, waxy texture with more of the natural plant material. The CBD paste extracts are Endoca’s most potent items:

  • The “2000mg Raw Hemp Oil Paste Extract” contains 2000mg of CBD + CBDA and is a nourishing supplement for raw vegans.
  • The “2000mg Hemp Oil Paste Extract” contains 2000mg of decarboxylated CBD and provides an effect of therapeutic relief of CBD.
  • The “3000mg Raw Hemp Oil Paste Extract” provides the highest potency. It has a lighter colour as it is subjected to hot filtration (as a result, more CBDA is converted into CBD, and more of the plant waxes and chlorophyll is removed).

Each paste comes with a syringe so you can apply precisely portioned doses of CBD. The extracts can be taken sublingually, just like a CBD tincture. However, due to the high concentration content, a smaller portion is required—Endoca mentions an effective dose comparable to a grain of rice.

CBD Food Supplements

Endoca makes organic supplements abundant in natural plant materials, Vitamins and minerals that maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.

The Raw Organic Vitamins & Minerals Powder has a berry flavor. This organic polyphenol blend contains 22% vitamin C, as well as other natural ingredients to strengthen immune system health and promote energy. These include organic wild bilberry, magnesium and pumpkin powder. The bottle carries 30x 3g servings, which can be stirred into hot or cold drinks or smoothies.

The Raw Organic Hemp Protein Powder uses the protein-rich qualities of the hemp plant seeds to maximum advantage. This blend is comprised of 60% protein, omega 3-6-9 fatty acids and amino Acids, which there are plenty of in the seeds of the hemp plants. Each container delivers 15x 2tsp servings, which should be Consumed 30 minutes before or after physical activity or training. The powder can be added as a supplement to water, milk or Smoothies, sprinkled on food or used in baking.

The Raw Organic Hemp Seed Oil is 100% organic, extra virgin hemp seed oil that can be added as a topping to salads or mixed in with dressings. Not to be confused with hemp oil (a common term for “CBD oil”), hemp seed oil is a common ingredient in food and skincare products. It is loaded with protein and the healthy fatty acids which promote heart and skin health. The 8.5oz bottle contains 25x 2-tsp servings.

CBD Suppositories

Endoca CBD Suppositories

Suppositories is a powerful and effective method of administration of CBD, yielding in immediate relief. It is optimal for individuals who struggle with keeping CBD down and are seeking quick results. Each suppository delivers 50mg of high-grade, organic CBD, which is mixed with organic hemp oil.

CBD Crystals

The main feature of this product is the superlative purity. The cannabis crystals are 100% free from THC and are not adulterated. Each jar delivers 500mg of the CBD crystals.

CBD Edibles

Endoca sells a single product, which is fit for human consumption: their CBD Chewing Gum. Each box carries 10 pieces of organic, biodegradable, sugar-free, peppermint-flavoured gum with 15mg of CBD. Further ingredients include xylitol, wild peppermint and mint essential oils and sunflower lecithin.

In contrast with synthetic chewing gum, which doesn’t disintegrate, this 100% biodegradable gum is environmentally-friendly and even safe to swallow.

Potential Benefits of Endoca CBD Products and the company

  • Scientific studies have shown that CBD can be used as an aid to ease different kinds of pain such as recurrent, chronic and acute pain. It lowers the symptomatology that is linked with mental health disorders, such as anxiety and depression.
  • CBD has been proven to diminish the incidence of seizures in patients with epilepsy (in fact, the Food and Drug Administration accredited a prescription form of CBD for epileptic patients)
  • CBD can resolve sleep disorders, settle gastrointestinal problems, help to fight acne and other skin conditions.
  • It’s said that CBD is even more effective than many prescription synthetic medications and is safer, too. To illustrate, CBD is safer than prescription opioids. It is not as harsh. It does not have psychoactive influence and carries no risk of dependency.
  • All of Endoca’s products are made with 100% organic CBD oil, which has been obtained from high-grade hemp plants that are sustainably grown and harvested.
  • The brand combines its organic CBD oil with other organic ingredients, such as coconut oil, shea butter and vanilla, to provide products that are non-toxic, effective and luxurious.
  • Their products can aid in the treatment of a variety of conditions, including anxiety, depression, addiction, skin regeneration, joint inflammation and pain, stomach upset and more.
  • They use a CO2 extraction process, so the hemp plants are not subjected to solvents or heat. Thus, the integrity of the CBD is not affected in any detrimental way.
  • The company is working toward becoming 100% sustainable.


Purity is a major priority for Endoca. After the plants are harvested, they are exposed to supercritical CO2 extraction, resulting in purity. The company has a long history of experience with extraction, and the Endoca hemp oil is premium-quality and is regarded to be surpassing their rivals. At every stage of the manufacturing process, their products are created according to extremely rigorous pharmaceutical standards.

Endoca’s crystals endure CO2 extraction but later undergo additional distillation and processing. The advantages of their extraction process are as follows:

  • Ecologically friendly and sustainable products
  • Full-spectrum molecules that are carefully preserved


The potency of Endoca products ranges. It is recommended that you being with a low dose, e.g. one drop if you are using CBD oil or one capsule for CBD capsules. You can then raise the dosage as needed.

What Endoca’s Customers Say

Quoting some of the reviews from trustpilot.com,

Karen Graybill: “The service was great. I received my orders much sooner than expected. I have used other products, but I like the Endoca products much better. I especially like the whipped body butter. It has a much pleasanter aroma than other products I have used. I am so happy that I found your website.”

Beauregard: “Works great for my rheumatoid arthritis. I have been dealing with rheumatoid arthritis and find that 10 drops, 50mg/ day of Endoca CBD hemp oil take away most symptoms.”

How to Buy Endoca CBD Oil Online?

Endoca coupon code: COR15

Save 15% on Endoca’s complete catalogue of hemp CBD products on the brand’s official website.

Endoca ships worldwide. However, if you want to buy regionally, you can buy from resellers in the USA and Europe. Their shipping page states the standard and express shipping rates for each country where deliveries are available globally.

One great part of the Endoca website is that each product page informs about you the specific day you can expect your purchases to reach your home. To check that these shipping rates are accurate, choose your country from the drop-down menu at the top of the site. The Endoca customer service team is available via phone, email and live chat (with separate contacts for American vs European customers).

Endoca has a 2-week return policy. As long as your box is unopened, you can return the items for a full refund, less the cost of return shipping. Refunds are processed within 2 weeks. Endoca also manages a customer rewards program, gifting customers 1 point for every $1 spent in their online shop. Customers can also gain rewards for referring friends and creating an account. Rewards points can be acquired for any product. Points expire within 1 year.


  • Endoca CBD info point of the website-> chat-> Endoca customer care
  • If customers have any questions the products, all enquiries will be answered by the Customer Care Agents, who will happily assist you
  • Live CBD help
  • Sourced from non-GMO hemp grown organically in Denmark
  • EU-GMP Certification
  • Less than 0.2 % THC
  • CO2 extraction
  • Third-party laboratory testing on random batches to uphold COA
  • All products are vegan-friendly, gluten-free, non-GMO and kosher


  • No flavored versions of CBD tinctures-some may not like the taste due to the chlorophyll in the products
  • Lab results are limited and could be made more transparent
  • Hemp is grown in Europe, not locally
  • Unknown customer service hours

Endoca CBD Review: Final Thoughts

Endoca products are comprised of 100% pure, organic hemp, which is sourced sustainably. Endoca blends their CBD with other organic products, such as coconut oil and shea butter, to guarantee that you get the very best, safest product possible.

In addition, Endoca practices a CO2 extraction process which upholds the integrity of the CBD for the most effective results. Endoca designed a wide variety of high-grade all-natural, organic CBD products, including oils, chewing gum, topicals and suppositories of ranging potencies. Regardless of the kind of illness you are looking to relieve, you’ll discover that the Endoca products provide rapid-acting and highly powerful relief.

As the demand for CBD products grows, more and more companies will resume to enter the market. To secure your safety and make certain that you are making the most of the products, it is essential to select a manufacturer with an impressive rating. When you purchase from Endoca, you can be certain that you will get exceptional, safe, and effective CBD products.


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