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FAB CBD Review: FAB CBD Oil | FAB CBD Gummies | FAB CBD Cream

There are so many problems that can be fixed by using CBD products. The problem is that many people have not been able to know much about cannabinoid. This may be a reason as to why they still view CBD as the harmful marijuana they have been hearing about. CBD is generally obtained from hemp and it has helped so many people to recover from their miseries. There are so many companies that have ventured into the manufacture of these cannabinoid products and Fab CBD is one the best company among them. This Fab CBD review will help you understand why they are one of the best in the market.

What is Fab CBD?

This is a company that specializes in the manufacture of CBD products. It has been working on pharmaceutical, health, fitness & supplements products for over 25 years now. Now there main concentrative on CBD product and they named that as FabCBD. In addition, they have offices based on Tampa, Florida and in the United Kingdom. The main ingredient they use in their cannabinoid products is hemp which is grown in Colorado. To assure their customers about the quality of their CBD products, they decided to use the CO2 extraction method to obtain cannabinoid from the hemp plant. All the products they supply have been tested and verified. They are a certified company and have consumers all over the 50 states in America.List of their products in the market and a brief review:

Fab CBD Oil

CBD oil is good for pain relief, weight loss, suppressing appetite and boosting our immunity system. Out of the products produced by Fab Nutrition Company, its worth to say that their oil is the best and can save you when you are troubled. They undergo a CO2 extraction process which ensures there are limited traces of THC. But still, you will not only benefit from cannabinoid but you will also get other healthy cannabinoids (CBG and CBDA)

Fab CBD oil is meant to be consumed by placing the drops below your tongue to ensure the CBD is absorbed by your sublingual glands. In addition, they are available in 3 different kinds of flavors namely; mint, citrus and natural. This ensures each and every one can use them without having being affected with the flavor. Fab CBD oil have strength of 1200mg, 600mg, 300mg and 150 mg. You can use a dropper (or 15 drops or 0.5ml) twice a day or ones depending on your need.

Fab CBD Cream

Fab nutrition mainly ventured in one topical for pain relief. In most cases when you experience pain in your muscles, it’s because the neurotransmitters are not working normally or the Endocannabinoid system is affected. CBD cream is meant to cover that gap. Fab CBD cream has a fresh flavor bearing a blood-orange scent. The dosage has not been clearly indicated but what you need to do is to apply this cream in the areas where you are feeling pain, hold for a while and you feel some change. They are safer than other cannabinoid products because they are absorbed through the skin and works very quickly with a long lasting relief. Apart from the 600mg of CBD in this cream, other ingredients include cocoa butter, Aloe Vera, chamomile and olive oil.

Fab CBD Chews

When it comes to CBD edibles, you will discover that there are so many out there and if you are not careful, you may end up choosing the wrong one. You need to have some little faith in Fab Nutrition even if you have not used their CBD gummies. Most of the people who have used them have shown their contentment. A bottle of CBD chews contains 30 chews with each chew having 25mg of cannabinoid.

They are infused with essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that you need for your daily activities.

CBD gummies can be substituted with your meal. They can help you to suppress appetite and keep you full the whole day. With a reduced craving for food, you are likely to consume less which can help to reduce your weight. They also increase the rate of metabolism and burns fats thus enabling you to have a slim body.

Specialty of Fab CBD

They only focus on three products which make them unique among other companies. Their CBD cream products are full spectrum which means they contain some small trace of THC and other beneficial compounds in the hemp plant. The CBD chews are purely made from isolate which is 100% free from THC. The company offers a 15% coupon discount for all their customers. This makes them unique from other CBD manufacturers.

Where can anyone buy Fab products and their selling policy?

The internet is full of reviews about CBD products, the only problem is finding the right one. But if you have made your decision to buy CBD product from Fab Nutrition, then you are in the right place. https://fabcbd.com/ is the only official page for FAB CBD and you can make your order through it.

If you order for fab CBD product worth $89 and above, it will be shipped to your location free of charge provided you are within the USA. However, If you are not contented, you can return the products within 30 days. If this elapses, the policy may not work.

Pros & cons of Fab CBD

There are so many advantages associated with using CBD products. When comparing CBD products with over counter drugs, you will benefit much more than you ever expected. Let’s have a look at some of the pros and cons of FAB CBD.


  • They help in weight loss reduction plan
  • They keep us both mentally and physically fit
  • Their products are cheap compared to their CBD product in the market
  • They have minimal traces of THC (a psychoactive compound that get you high)
  • The ingredients used are naturally grown and organic
  • They use CO2 extraction which is safe and secure for human health


  • CBD oil may take long before you feel the effect
  • They are high on demand and may take time before they are restocked
  • They do not clearly instruct the users on the correct dosage

Customer review

Fab CBD products are all good in nature and they have minor side effects. Most of those who used these products felt some minor side effects like tiredness, dry mouth, restlessness, vomiting and nausea which lasted for a short while and then disappeared. On the account of their flavors, users are impressed and they are happy because they have options to choose from. They are also available online which makes it easy for anyone who wants to purchase them. CBD cream is actually good and causes the relief immediately it’s applied in the painful area. Those who hoped to use these products to lose weight succeed after and after some few weeks. They are really the best products in the market.

Final Words

When you happen to CBD gummies, it’s important that you take your time and read some information on the product label. This can enable you to know some of the ingredients included and instruction on the usage. You are not the first one who is going to risk using Fab Nutrition products, there have been so many people and they have benefited from these products. Don’t suffer while you can be freed from your pain.

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