Can I Fly with CBD: Know the Guidelines

Can I fly with CBD

CBD has become very popular and a lot of people are now using it to promote wellness. This organic non-psychoactive cannabis extract can be used to manage both mental and physical health issues. This includes conditions such as depression, insomnia, pain, inflammation, epilepsy, and weight loss among others. You can use CBD orally or topically. Besides that, you can use it in the form of a vape product. Due to its versatility, more people are now keen to add it to their daily regimen. But what happens when you want to fly out? You are probably asking yourself “Can I fly with CBD?” Well, it depends. Where are you flying to and what are the cannabis rules there.

State vs International CBD Guidelines

With cannabis products such as CBD becoming more popular, of course, the question, “Can I fly with CBD?” will only become more common. You can fly and you can’t fly with CBD. It all depends where you will be flying to. Within the US, you can fly with CBD products. This is because the state made CBD and other cannabis products less than 0.3% legal at the federal level. However, different states have different laws regarding the legality of CBD. So, you should take into account the states you will be stopping in or crossing.

Understand that CBD products are still illegal in some states. This means that it may still be illegal to be in possession of this product, regardless of the THC content. If so, then you shouldn’t consider flying out with your products. If you are traveling to South Dakota, Idaho, and Iowa, you shouldn’t carry CBD in any form. This product is still illegal in these states. Meanwhile, Georgia, California, and Michigan don’t allow CBD in beverages and food products.

So, what happens when you want to carry your CBD across borders? Well, you should definitely research the laws of the country that you will be traveling to. You need to be extremely cautious because some countries have extreme penalties for cannabis-based products. Ensure that you check the current news regarding any possible changes. In case you are still unsure regarding the legal laws, then simply avoid carrying your CBD product.

What is the Best Type of CBD Products to Carry?

First, if you are planning to carry your CBD product while flying out, then you should consider the type of carrier. It’s generally ideal to pack your vape juice or tinctures in a quart-size liquid bag. If it’s a solid product such as pills and capsules, then you should bring a container weighing less than 3.4 ounces. In case you decide to use a carrier that’s larger than 3.4 ounces, then you should first get approval from the TSA security officers. It’s also worth noting that if this is the case then the TSA will carry out additional product screening. Note that there are many types of CBD products that you can carry. They include:

  • CBD pills and capsules
  • CBD drinks and tea
  • CBD oil
  • CBB vape juice
  • CBD vape pens and cartridges
  • CBD gummies, jelly sweets, lollipops.
  • CBD cream, lotion, balm, ointment, and moisturizer
  • CBD bath bombs

Luggage Check-in

If you are traveling with CBD gummies and CBD oils, then the TSA allows both of them to be checked in with carry-ons. However, if you are traveling with CBD products in the form of vape batteries and electronic vape devices, then you can’t pack them to be checked in with your other luggage. This is because these products have a potential fire hazard when carried with other cargo products.

if you must carry them, then you must store them in your carry-on bags. You must carry liquids in travel-sized containers that are 100 milliliters or smaller i.e., 3.4 ounces. Besides that, these liquid products need to be easily accessible to facilitate an easier screening process. This rule also applies to topical CDB products such as gels. Note that these ones can also be packed in your checked luggage.

Tips for Flying with CBD

If you want to fly with CBD products, there are a few things you need to be aware of. Remember that CBD comes from cannabis sources hence its regulations are quite different from other alternative sources of medicine.

Fly with cbd

Do Your Research Regarding Your Destination?

Whether you are flying locally, regionally, or internationally, be familiar with the CBD rules in your destination. These places may have stricter regulations regardless of the source of CBD and THC content. The research will definitely allow you to make your travel plans accordingly.

Print the Ingredient List/Have Independent Test Results

It’s important that you at least have a document proving that the CBD product you are carrying contains less than 0.3% THC. If you can’t afford to carry your own independent 3rd-party lab test, then print the ingredient list.

Wait to Buy CBD Product in Your Final Destination

Sometimes laws may temporarily change. Besides that, the hassle of paying for a test result and printing a separate version of the ingredient list is just too much. All these many come with a significant level of anxiety. Rather than going through all these only for your product to be confiscated at the airport, simply wait to buy CBD at your final destination.

The Bottom Line

Since CBD from industrial hemp was made legal federally, you can travel with your CBD product within the US as long as the THC content is less than 0.3%. Ensure that you buy a high-quality product since CBD with THC above 0.3% is illegal under federal law. If you are traveling internationally, ensure that you research and confirm the local laws of your destination. If you are, however, unsure, then you should not consider flying with your CBD. Rather, opt to buy locally.

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