A Review of Jack Herer Strain: The Most Ideal Type of Sativa Dominant Cannabis

Jack Herer Strain

Most people used to associate marijuana with fun and entertainment. But recently, people are actually turning to cannabis because of its wide range of medical benefits. It’s suitable for treating mental and physical conditions. Jack Herer is one type of marijuana strain that has garnered a lot of attention on the global market. The potent weed which has a sweet taste and striking appearance has a lot of benefits with a high level of effectiveness. Below is a review of Jack Herer and everything you need to know.

What’s Jack Herer Weed?

It’s a sativa dominant type of weed that was named after Jack Herer, a cannabis activist. Jack Herer cannabis is very powerful and its use and effectiveness have made it gain global attention. This weed’s ability to treat various medical conditions including mental well-being has seen its demand grow massively.  According to lab tests, this weed’s parents are Shiva Skunk, Northern Lights #5, and the Haze. Jack Herer contains sativa content of about 55 percent and Indica content of about 45 percent. Generally, this hybrid provides users with the benefits of both sativa and Indica spectrums.

Who is Jack Herer?

He was known as the hemp emperor. As an activist for cannabis right, Jack Herer is a legend who tirelessly campaigned to ensure cannabis is legalized. To most people, he was the voice behind the cannabis movement.  He efforts to decriminalize weed Is the reason why this marijuana strain was named after him.

Types of Jack Herer Strain

This weed that is named after a legendary icon generally helps to promote good moods and leads to a euphoric feeling. Its wide consumer base globally has made it one of the top-rated weeds on the market. This sativa dominant strain has a lot of phenotypes and the most common strains include:

Jacks Cleaner

This is a “cleaner” that helps to ease symptoms of anxiety, stress, and depression. It’s a sativa dominant hybrid that has strong euphoric properties. The pot which is mostly used by veteran stones can still be used by beginners but in low quantities. Medically, it can be used to combat issues such as inflammation, fatigue, mood swings, glaucoma, and headaches. This is an energy enhancer that acts as a good source of natural fuel. It has subtle psychotic effects and beginners need to be very cautious because it can cause them to feel nervous and paranoid.

Pineapple Jack Strain

This formed after crossing a 50: 50 ratio of pineapple and Jack Herer. This Jack strain is mostly used for entertainment purposes because of its high levels of THC which ranges between 15 to 20 percent. Pineapple Jack doesn’t hit very hard though it can be still used to treat various medical issues. It produces very intense and long-lasting highs. It helps to ease pain, improve focus as well as creativity. Pineapple Jack has a citrus smell and undertones of pineapple with an earthy flavor.  It can be used to treat stress, chronic pain, depression, or anxiety. Additionally, other people use it an aphrodisiac.

Jack Flash Strain

Jack Flash is an Indica Dominant hybrid though its effects are associated with sativa. Its parents are Super Skunk (father), Haze, and Jack Herer seeds which are used as the mother. This pot normally promotes a psychedelic state with a feeling of euphoria. It improves and enhances creativity. Jack Flash is suitable for those who have low appetite, stress, and anxiety among others.

Critical Jack

It’s a hybrid strain that’s formed by crossing Critical Plus weed and Jack Herer. With a high THC content of more than 20 percent, Critical Jack can be used to ease the symptoms of bad moods and constant fatigue. Critical Jack is perfect for day-to-day activity because it increases energy levels in the body and improves creativity and focus.  It’s suitable for entertainment and other recreational activities. According to reviews, this weed is considered as a sociable weed that improves appetite, anxiety, headaches, and depression. With the high THC content, this weed provides a relaxing sensation while soothing the body.

Jack Skellington Strain

This is another sativa dominant Jack Herer strain that improves focus and helps improve creativity. It’s a cross of Jacks Cleaner and Space Queen. The highly potent weed can be used to treat chronic stress and depression. Jack Skellington can easily improve moods and it sends users to the land of euphoria. It can be used to treat migraines and headaches. If this pot is used by beginners, it should be taken in small amounts because it can easily lea in confusion and increased anxiety.

Jack Herer Strain: Growing Information

This is a weed that’s not very difficult to cultivate. It can be grown by both beginners and veterans who are well-experienced.  When planting the Jack Herer seeds, ensure that the area has plenty of space because this strain can reach more than 2 meters high. It’s decently resistant to bugs, pests, mildew, diseases, and molds. Overall, it’s a low-maintenance strain that requires very little management.

If you are thinking of planting it, Jack Herer does well indoors and outdoors. It needs sunny and warm weather with constant dryness. If you are planting it indoors, you can use the soil method or a hydroponics system. The latter produces high yields which can reach an average of 18 ounces for every square meter. Growing it outdoors still leads to an average yield of 18 ounces for each plant and harvesting is normally done in early October.

Regardless of its growing environment, this is a fast-growing strain that usually speeds within 7 to 10 weeks only. It’s loved by most growers because of the high yields, little maintenance, and low amounts of waste. It has become the staple marijuana strain in most professional cannabis growing facilities, medical dispensaries as well as recreational centers.

Benefits of Jack Herer

Its numbing and soothing effect has seen this strain being used for a number of purposes. For starters, it improves awareness and focus, leading to better mental performance. You can use it to calm stomach upsets and improve appetite. Taking it in large doses can be used to treat migraines, chronic pain, nausea, and others. You can take it in alternative forms such as live resin, edibles, candies, and concentrates. These forms make it easy to take Jack Herer in large doses with minimal effort.

Note that if you are taking Jack Herer strain for psychological issues, remember not to exceed your limit because an overdose leads to high intake of THC content which can cause increased anxiety and paranoia.

Potential Side Effects of Jack Herer

Some of the most common and adverse reactions that Jack Herer users may experience is dry eyes, dry mouth or a combination of both. But these are solvable instances which can be taken care of by ensuring that you are hydrated throughout. Additionally, you can use a moisture-rich eye drop before and after you consume the pot.

Some people may end up experiencing anxiety as a result of the high THC content. In case you begin to feel that you are stoned and panicking, simply try to relax. Sit or lie down, close your eyes and then take deep breaths. This feeling will soon go away. Remain relaxed because no one has ever died of a cannabis overdose. Besides that, you can take a dose of the CBD oil which will help to counter the intense psychoactive effects caused by THC.

Jack Herer Review: How does it affect the Mind and Body?

For those who want to improve both physical and mental performance, then this is the go-to weed. It’s an amazing marijuana strain whose effects can be felt almost immediately after its intake. For those who aren’t social, this weed alters the way the mind functions. It helps to facilitate deep conversations along with light-hearted, fun, and enjoyable chats.

With Jack Herer, you don’t need to be worried about losing your self-awareness because it will keep you alert, focused, and mentally prepared. It creates a feeling of euphoria and most of the times you feel high in the clouds. The result of rapid flow of energy, improved mental performance, and the deep, relaxed feeling is usually what attracts users. You can use it to enhance your daytime activities or while you are with friends having fun. Avoid using Jack Herer when you are about to sleep because you will end up turning and tossing for hours while searching for sleep.

Final Thoughts

Jack Herer is normally described as the most ideal type of sativa dominant cannabis. It creates and encourages a better level of intellect, spurs creativity, and lifts moods. With a wide array of health benefits including treating anxiety, depression, and ADD/ADHD, it’s the most suitable option for a number of users.

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