How Marijuana Affects Your Mind and Body

How Marijuana Affects Your Mind

The official legal federal profile of marijuana is a Schedule 1 drug. This means that it’s not officially accepted for medical use which makes its research quite complex. However, reports from preliminary research studies indicate that this substance can have an influence on the mind and the body. But are these effects positive or negative? Well, here is an overview of how marijuana affects your mind and body.

Body Systems That Can Be Affected by Marijuana

The body is a system that features a collection of different parts working together to promote growth, survival, and reproduction. However, taking marijuana can positively or negatively impact certain systems including:

The Nervous System

It consists of the central nervous system (the brain and spinal cord) that receives and responds to information. Besides that, there is the peripheral nervous system that has nerves that extend to the rest of the body from the brain and spinal cord. The peripheral nervous system is mainly the sensory part that feels.

The positive effects of marijuana on the nervous system include promoting a “feel good” feeling. This is because it normally triggers the brain to release more dopamine that will consequentially give you a pleasant high feeling.

However, it can also result in impaired thinking and interfere with your ablaut to learn as well as handle complicated tasks. This is because it contains high THC content that disrupts the functions of the brain, especially areas that have regular posture, reaction time, balance, and coordination.

The Immune System

This system is meant to protect your body against harmful invaders such as viruses, bacteria, toxins, and fungi among others. taking a cannabis product can be beneficial in improving immune-modulating activities. As a result, it can help to reduce proinflammatory expressions.

However, studies also indicate that this substance can also impair immune function. By altering the immune function, marijuana can decrease your body’s resistance to microbial infections. Generally, the high THC content can suppress immune function, leaving you more vulnerable to infections. However, if you are living with an autoimmune condition, such a response may be good for you.

Marijuana affects Your Body

Respiratory System

The respiratory system features a network of tissues and organs that facilitate breathing. Unfortunately, smoking marijuana will never have a positive effect on this system. Its first effect will be to hurt your lungs, making them weak against respiratory infections.

It should be noted that hesitance is usually associated with airway inflammation as well as increased airway resistance. In addition to that, frequent smoking of marijuana can lead to lung hyperinflation and severe symptoms of bronchitis.

The effects of marijuana on the respiratory system are more pronounced since smoking cannabis exposes the lungs to a mixture of toxic chemicals. These compounds end up irritating the lungs as well as bronchial passages. That’s why in some instances, marijuana smokers tend to experience a burning sensation in the throat or mouth or even phlegmy.

The Circulatory System

Your body needs fresh nutrients, oxygen, and to eliminate wastes. Well, all these are usually done by the circulatory system. If you take this cannabis product, then you risk experiencing an increase in heart rate as well as an expansion in the size of the blood vessels.

Reproductive System

This is in the context of producing offspring. The reproductive system helps to nurture the egg and the sperm to develop offspring. Research studies indicate that marijuana can have negative effects on the central processes of the reproductive system. This usually includes interfering with hormones such as luteinizing and follicle-stimulating.

Digestive System

Smoking cannabis can interfere with the way food is processed and nutrients absorbed by the digestive tract. For starters, marijuana can result in a stinging ire burning feeling in the mouth and throat when you smoke it. Oral intake of this substance can result in digestive issues such as nausea and vomiting. But paradoxically, cannabis can also be used to ease the symptoms of nausea and vomiting.

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The Effects of Marijuana on the Mind and Body

The effects of marijuana can be diverse on both the mind and body. For the body, there are lots of benefits that come with ingesting this cannabis substance including:

For the Body

  • Easing Pain: Marijuana is a cannabis product hence it contains cannabidiol i.e., CBD. It should be noted that CBD is an organic compound that has lots of therapeutic effects. it can help to ease different types of pain. This has made it one of the most sought-after alternative sources of medicine.
  • Treating Inflammation: Inflammatory conditions such as arthritis can now be managed by marijuana. It contains anti-inflammatory properties that help to reduce or prevent the development of inflammatory conditions.
  • Controlling Epileptic Seizures: Currently, the FDA has approved the use of epidiolex, a cannabis-based drug, for the treatment of rarer forms of childhood epilepsy. This includes the Dravet syndrome which currently doesn’t have a cure.

For the Mind

  • Feel-good feeling: the THC content in cannabis usually interacts with the reward system in the brain to trigger a feel-good feeling. Note that the brain’s reward system is designed to respond to those things that usually make us feel good. This includes walking, eating, reading, and sex among others. the psychoactive THC content creates a feeling of euphoria and that’s why it’s popularly used for entertainment.

The Bottom Line

Marijuana comes with lots of positive effects on the body. You can use it to manage pain, treat inflammation, manage epileptic conditions, promote weight loss, and improve the health of the digestive tract. Besides that, it’s also ideal for promoting a feel-good feeling hence it’s great for the mind.

However, you need to remember that this cannabis product contains high amounts of THC content. It’s basically psychoactive that can alter the way the mind functions. This can cause an impairment in the way you make decisions, interfere with your memory, and reduce your productivity. Besides that, the use of marijuana for medical purposes isn’t legal hence you must exercise caution when using it.

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