Nanotech and CBD: Is Nano CBD More Effective?

Is Nano CBD More Effective

Nanotechnology, or nanotech, is a scientific and technological process that involves the control of matter at the nanoscale. This simply means that matter is reduced to around 1-100 nanometers. The integration of nanotech in the production of CBD has led to a shift in the market. Currently, there are more nano CBD products in the market than in the previous year. At least in all the 50 states in the US, the number of purchases is increasing gradually. So, what’s the relationship between nanotech and CBD? Besides that, what are some of the benefits of nano CBD?

What is Nano CBD?

These are CBD molecules that have been reduced in size to over one-millionth of their usual size. Nanotech is used to handle the conversion process to increase the bioavailability and consequentially the bioactivity of CBD within the body. It should be noted that these particles are practically small in size. It’s said that they can even penetrate the “blood-brain” barrier of the body’s cells.

What Research Studies Say About Nano CBD

According to research, when nano CBD is manufactured correctly, it can be highly effective. Your body stands a better chance of absorbing more CBD into the bloodstream. A research report published in the Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences in 2018 indicates improved overall absorption of the nanoemulsion. Note that this study was done in healthy male volunteers and Nano CBD had a high bioavailability than a CBD/THC nanoemulsion.

A study published by the Journal of Drug Development and Industrial Pharmacy found that nanoparticles were effective in the delivery of cannabinoids. The general conclusion is that this type of CBD can be effective in delivering CBD to targeted tissues. Besides that, it can be effective in providing lasting effects, and it’s quite safe for long-term use.

Why is Nano CBD Becoming More Popular than Standard CBD?

CBD manufacturers and consumers are becoming more interested in nano CBD due to its nature. Regular CBD is hydrophobic and this means that it doesn’t mix with water. Besides that, CBD molecules are also lipophilic and they, therefore, dissolve or combine with lipids or fats. This simply makes it a cannabinoid with very low bioavailability. So, when you take CBD products and the molecules get into your watery digestive tract, the oil molecules won’t dissolve in the water. Most of the particles will remain hidden in the watery droplets until they are fully digested.

Now, the “first-pass metabolism” usually results in extensive biotransformation. As a result, the bioavailability of the CBD particles will drastically reduce. A large percentage of CBD won’t be absorbed into the bloodstream eventually. All, these significantly reduce the effectiveness of standard CBD. However, nanotech is responsible for making the CBD particles very small. These particles can even act like dissolved substances. That’s why nano CBD is also known as water-soluble CBD. Well, as much as this term is mostly used for marketing purposes only, it bears some truth.

While the CBD cannabinoid won’t still lose its hydrophobic nature even in a nano state, it becomes easier for the body to digest these particles and absorb them into the bloodstream. This is because the particles have become smaller and they increased surface of contact with the enzymes and absorptive tissues found in the body. So, the body ends up absorbing the molecules sooner and quickly.

CBD leaf

Benefits of Using Nano CBD

Several benefits come with using nano CBD products rather than regular CBD products. This is a product that has been more refined and enhanced. So, some of the things that make this new type of product stand out include:

  • Value for Money

Nano CBD has a great value for money, in fact, more than you would think. Note that CBD has a reputation for being quite pricey. So, some people may avoid it together. The best thing about Nano CBD is that it gives you value for money. You only have to use a little bit of it and still stand a chance of getting more benefits.  Eventually, you will save money by using fewer products.

  • More Surface Area

This is one of the main benefits of nanotech and CBD. Nanotechnology results in the formation of CBD with more surface area than the standard-sized droplets. The fact that the human body is mostly composed of water means that these small droplets will have more room for getting absorbed faster and in a larger amount into the body.

  • Sublingual Absorption

Nano CBD also works like other CBD products that are normally applied under the tongue. This type of product is ideal for sublingual intake. If you use an emulsifier, then your body stands a better chance of absorbing more CBD quickly in the body.

  • Penetration Enhancers

Nano CBD products normally contain ingredients that are known as penetration enhancers. This is a class of chemicals that include glycol, ethanol, and propylene as well as other surface-active molecules that usually coat CBD oil’s tiny drops. It’s worth noting that these chemicals usually increase the faster movement of CBD across the skin.

  • Superior Bioavailability

Bioavailability is a term that describes the percentage of the administered dose that reaches systemic circulation. When comparing nano CBD to standard CBD products, the former has superior bioavailability. This means that a greater percentage of this product can successfully reach the circulation as well as the target area.

  • Greater Bioactivity

Bioactivity refers to any effect, response, or interaction from living tissue. Nano CBD has a strong and interactive bioactive response. With its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial properties, it can effectively stimulate multiple positive effects in the body.

Risks of Nano CBD

There is a lot that nanotech promises in regards to CBD. However, the safety of nano CBD still needs extensive research. There is a need for more clinical trials as well as extensive testing, especially nano CBD with a size below 50 nanometers. It should be noted that there is already a warning that indicates the nanoparticles can enter the human cells. With continued consumption of nano CBD, the particles could accumulate in various organs. This increases the potential for organ tissue damage and inflammation.

A report by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) indicates that it’s still unclear if the nanoparticles can pass to an unborn child from a pregnant woman’s body. Besides that, there are also chances that these particles could enter different types of tissues than those they should be targeting.

Other potential risks of using nano CBD include:

  • Added Chemicals

Most nano CBD products are manufactured with toxic chemicals. For instance, some companies use propylene glycol, a common additive found in shelf-stable emulsions. Each CBD molecule in such a product is typically coated with such an ingredient. However, propylene glycol is a toxic chemical and can have harsh side effects on the body.

  • Misinformation

The nano CBD world is one of the most unregulated. It’s filled with lots of information as was as lo-quality products. It’s common to find companies using scientific-related language but this only acts as a smokescreen to entice you.

Nanotech and CBD: Is Nano CBD Oil Worth It?

Should you buy a nano CBD product or not? Whether you want this product or not depends on your needs. of course, there are several benefits that nano CBD promises in addition to the core benefits of standard CBD. From the above overview, this product comes with its own risks and advantages. But once you have analyzed them, you can make a conscious decision that suits your preferences.

Why People Buy Nano CBD

CBD is definitely the most popular form of cannabinoid extract. But there are a few reasons why people opt to buy nano CBD and they include:

  • Stumbling on nano CBD: You could be buying your usual CBD product and then stumble on nano CBD. You can use this as an opportunity to try this new product and determine your experience.
  • Standard CBD products have proved to be ineffective: CBD products produce different results in different people. Well, if they have failed to work for you even if you have consistently bought high-quality products, then it may be time for you to try something different.

The Bottom Line

Nano CBD products are made with the use of nanotechnology. This means that the CBD particles have smaller sizes than regular CBD. The formulation of such products has led to an increase in demand for nano CBD products over regular CBD. This is because the former has been touted to be more effective with a high absorption rate and the ability to produce a faster and lasting reaction. However, nano CBD also comes with its risks. If the particles are too small, they might penetrate body organs and result in inflammation. Besides that, there is still a need for more research studies to fully determine the effectiveness of this product.

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