National CBD Day Deals and Sales on 2021

National CBD Day Deals and Sales

CBD is a beneficial hemp component that helps users manage different symptoms. Manufacturers provide a variety of CBD oils, gummies, topicals, and capsules, among other products to consider using. If you are looking for discounts, keep in mind National CBD Day deals and sales. CBD brands are offering incredible deals as part of celebrating the day. However, it is vital that you use deals from reputable CBD companies that provide quality products. Not every CBD product you come across is high-grade. Below is a guide with some of the deals to consider during this year’s CBD Day.

About National CBD Day

The CBD industry celebrates National CBD Day on August 8 every year. cbdMD is the brand that initiated the holiday in 2018 to recognize the steps achieved in the industry. The CBD community continues to commemorate CBD Day, which focuses on educating and creating awareness about CBD among consumers through media coverage and social media. Issues covered include ongoing studies, CBD uses, and its benefits. However, CBD brands also provide deals to enjoy during this holiday.

CBD is a derivative of hemp, which has faced its share of political problems, with leaders banning its use. The hemp plant has been around for centuries, with growers using it for fiber and other things. However, it was until 2018 that hemp became legal federally. The 2018 Farm Bill that became law recognizes hemp as legal if it has 0.3% THC or less.

The CBD industry continues to gain popularity as more people learn of CBD’s potential wellness benefits. Today, you can utilize CBD in a variety of ways. Users can consume CBD in the form of oil or capsules or choose delicious gummies, which come in various mouth-watering flavors. Brands also provide CBD topicals like creams and salves that offer targeted relief on affected body parts only. However, preliminary research has shown CBD to help with pain, stress, anxiety, and inflammation, among other benefits. However, more studies are needed to provide additional data on CBD’s capability to alleviate such health conditions and others.

CBD Deals and National CBD Day

CBD companies like cbdMD and many others provide amazing discounts on National CBD Day. It is time to save money and buy more CBD or try out a brand you have been eyeing for a while. Get to purchase high-quality CBD products at more affordable rates and enjoy the benefits of CBD. If you have never used CBD before and have been considering the product, it is time to purchase CBD oil, gummies, or topical for your wellbeing. You can also buy CBD as a gift for a loved one.

Best CBD Deals to Use on National CBD Day

As various brands provide National CBD Day deals and sales, ensure you settle for high-grade CBD products. Manufacturers formulate products differently, and low-quality products pose health risks. Here are some of the deals to consider for 2021’s CBD Day.

1. Fab CBD

FABcbd product


Fab CBD is a recent brand on the CBD market. It was founded in 2017 and provides some of the best CBD products to consider using. The company utilizes all-natural components in its products, including flavors, coloring, and carrier oil. It does not use dyes, additives, or preservatives. However, Fab CBD uses organic hemp from Colorado to make safe, pure CBD that is free of chemicals such as pesticides and herbicides. Besides, the manufacturer takes the CBD formulations through third-party testing at Pro Verde Laboratories to ensure customers get to use high-quality CBD products.

Deals- 30% Discount on All Orders With the Code CBDDAY30


  • Products: provides CBD oil, chews, creams, and salves
  • Hemp Source: uses organic hemp from Colorado
  • Extraction Method: utilizes carbon dioxide (CO2) to make CBD
  • Lab Results: lab reports are easily accessible on the brand’s website
  • Shipping: the company provides free shipping for U.S. orders amounting to $99 or more. It also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

2. Joy Organics

Joy organic CBD product

Check Joy Organics

Joy Organics is a leading CBD brand dedicated to making organic, premium CBD products to benefit your wellbeing. It utilizes USDA-certified organic components to make broad-spectrum and full-spectrum CBD products. Besides, the company manufactures CBD in cGMP-certified facilities to foster the purity and safety of products. However, Joy Organics employs proprietary nano-emulsion technology that boosts the absorption of CBD into your system.

Deals- 15% Off on All Orders Using the Code GTV15


  • Products: provides CBD oil, softgels, gummies, salves, creams, and bath bombs
  • Hemp Source: uses U.S. hemp to make quality CBD
  • Extraction Method: derives CBD from hemp using CO2
  • Lab Results: scan QR codes on product labels to view lab reports
  • Shipping: the brand offers free shipping and a 90-day satisfaction guarantee

3. CBDistillery

CBDistillery CBD product

Check CBDistillery

CBDistillery was established in 2016 and is a popular brand in the CBD industry, offering various products. It competes with other leading names on the market like Fab CBD, and users are satisfied with the results they get from using CBDistillery formulas. The brand provides CBD at affordable rates, and you get products in a variety of potencies. Besides, the company utilizes organic ingredients like other top CBD providers to safeguard your wellbeing.

Deals- 25% Discount on All Orders Over $125 and 15 Off Orders Under $125 with the Code CBDOILUSERS


  • Products: sells CBD oils, sofgels, topicals, gummies, isolates, and vapes
  • Hemp Source: utilizes naturally farmed U.S. hemp to derive CBD
  • Extraction Method: uses CO2 to make full-spectrum CBD and ethanol for THC-free CBD
  • Lab Results: the brand provides links on product pages that enable you to download the test results
  • Shipping: offers free shipping for orders above $75 and a 60-day money-back guarantee

4. Goat Grass

goatgrass CBD product

Check Goat Grass

With Goat Grass, you get to use premium CBD products available in elegant packaging. The company makes vegan, gluten-free CBD formulations to support wellness and ease various symptoms. Besides, Goat Grass makes the products in an FDA-registered facility, so you are sure of getting pure, safe CBD.

Deals- up to 25% off on all orders using the code NO CODE NEEDED


  • Products: provides CBD oil, gummies, capsules, bath bombs, lotions, and roll-ons
  • Hemp Source: utilizes U.S. organic hemp to make superior quality CBD
  • Extraction Method: the company does not explain how it makes CBD
  • Lab Results: Goat Grass says it third-party tests all products, but there are no lab reports on its website.
  • Shipping: the brand currently ships products in the U.S. only and offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. It offers free shipping for orders above $100.

5. PlusCBD


Check PlusCBD

PlusCBD is another brand to consider buying as we celebrate National CBD Day. It is U.S. Hemp Authority-approved and provides several CBD products. The company offers you different CBD strengths to use and enhance your wellbeing. However, PlusCBD formulates its products to be gluten-free and devoid of artificial components. Get to spend money on superior CBD items that provide the relief you need.

Deals- 25% Off Sitewide with the Code CBDDAY


  • Products: provides CBD oil, capsules, gummies, and topicals
  • Hemp Source: uses organic U.S. hemp, known to be high-grade
  • Extraction Method: applies the CO2 extraction method to derive CBD from hemp
  • Lab Results: to view the lab reports, scan the QR codes on the product labels
  • Shipping: the brand offers free shipping on orders over $45 and a 30-day return period

How to Use National CBD Day Deals and Sales

Claiming National CBD Day deals is quick. Go to a CBD company’s website and identify the products you need to order. Add the items to your cart and head to the checkout page, where you should see a discount or coupon field. Enter the code you have and click the apply button. The money you save should show in your order summary. Enjoy the sales various brands are offering and get CBD benefits at a lower price.

Can You Claim the Offers Outside the U.S.?

You can claim CBD Day offers outside the U.S. if the brand you are considering ships to your location. Some of the brands we have discussed do not do international shipping, and the market has others that deliver orders outside the United States. Check the shipping details of brands to ascertain if they ship CBD outside the country.

Should You Trust the Brands Above?

You should consider the CBD Day deals from the above brands. The companies provide high-quality CBD products with safe, organic components. Their formulations are also lab-tested to ensure purity and quality consistency.

The brands use organically grown hemp to make CBD. Naturally farmed hemp plants are chemical-free, so they do not have residual pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers. Colorado and Kentucky have become popular destinations for high-grade, organic hemp. However, hemp is legal federally and in various states. CBD manufacturers can source hemp from other areas as long as it is organic and high-quality. Nonetheless, some CBD brands have their own hemp farms.

Besides, the manufacturers we have discussed use a superior extraction method to derive CBD from hemp. They use CO2 (carbon dioxide) to extract CBD from hemp plants. CO2 is a safe component and does not cause health risks. We breathe it out, and plants use it as well. Companies use it in its supercritical form to make CBD. However, some leading brands use ethanol instead for CBD extraction.

However, there are three types of CBD, and the manufacturers we have talked about offer them. You can buy products with full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, or isolate CBD. All three types are rich in CBD, and they offer the wellness benefits you need to lower pain, stress, inflammation, and anxiety, among other symptoms.

The brands we have discussed also third-party test their products. It is another reason to consider them as you look into various National CBD Day sales. Testing CBD in in-house laboratories is not enough. The FDA does not regulate CBD products. Therefore, third-party testing provides CBD users an unbiased look into CBD products. If a brand does not take its CBD items through independent testing, look for brands that do.

Premium CBD products go through third-party testing at reliable, certified labs, and the lab reports are easily accessible. Some companies use QR codes on product labels. You need to scan the code to view the test results. Others use batch numbers, which you utilize on lab report pages online to see the lab results. However, some manufacturers provide links on their websites that lead you to the test outcomes.

CBD products contain other components besides CBD. Apart from organic CBD, the brands we have discussed use other natural, safe ingredients in their products to protect your health. They use natural sweeteners, flavors, and colors. Stevia and cane sugar is organic sweeteners. However, fruits provide natural flavors for companies, and vegetable juices offer color. For CBD oil, organic MCT oil, hemp seed oil, and olive oil are used as carrier oils in CBD oils. If it is CBD topicals, the best ones contain organic CBD and other natural elements, including essential oil. Avoid CBD solutions with artificial components such as added sugars, preservatives, and colors. Such ingredients are a health hazard.

We also looked into the reputation of brands as we searched for CBD Day deals. The CBD manufacturers we have recommended are reliable. They provide quality CBD products in various options to match different user needs. Besides, most customers are satisfied with the items, as they help them manage various symptoms.

One more reason you should consider the above brands is that they offer money-back guarantees. You can return products within 30, 60, or 90 days after delivery and get a refund or exchange. A satisfaction guarantee shows that a brand is confident about its products and does not mind returns.

Final Thoughts

Celebrating an important day for CBD users like National CBD Day is not complete without spectacular deals. With several brands providing deals on this special occasion, it is time to save more money on your CBD purchases. We have covered some of the brands whose discounts to consider. The market has more offers, and with the factors, we have discussed, you should easily identify other premium CBD products. Get to relieve discomforts and improve your overall wellbeing with quality CBD products as we celebrate this year’s National CBD Day.

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