OG Kush Strain: The High-quality Kush Suitable for a Wide Range of Uses

OG kush strain


For non-cannabis users, all weeds are the same. However, what a lot of people don’t know is that there is a wide range of cannabis strains which can either be Indica dominant or sativa dominant. OG Kush is one of the strains from the cannabis family that has massive user popularity among veteran marijuana users as well in the medical field. This article provides an overview of OG Kush Strain.

What is OG Kush?

This is a popular and legendary type of strain that has received fame not only in the marijuana industry but also the health sector. The unique weed has extremely strong effects and its aroma is so distinct. Although it’s very popular, OG’s origins is still a mystery. Most marijuana lovers claim that’s its origins could be from the Hindu Kush-Landrace and Chemdawg. There is also an evidence that suggests that it could be from an undocumented seed. Besides that, its name has also been a source of dispute.

Note that OG means an “Original Gangster” which connotes this weed’s status as a strain that’s used as building block of other weeds. It’s also regarded as an” Ocean Grown” strain because of its association with the Californian Coast. With everything else said, what makes OG stand out is its potency.  It has high THC content which ranges between 20 and 25 percent.

OG Kush Appearance

The buds of this marijuana strain are medium or large. They have the structure of an Indica dominant weed and they are very dense. In terms of color, OG Kush has yellowish-green leaves. However, some of the phenotypes may have some purple traces. This is usually due to the high amounts of the anthocyanin pigments which are stimulated by very low temperatures. Its pistils are vibrant orange which are responsible for holding pollen from the male plants.

Its buds have trichomes which are responsible for the white/silvery look. The trichomes make the leaves sticky and when you are preparing the buds for a pipe or joint, you may be required to use a grinder. Well-cured leaves usually have a musty and earthy scent that may have some citrusy undertones. Because OG is a strong Kush, smoking it may induce coughs. It may make your eyes to water and your sinuses to sting.  Even after you have finished your joint, its strong aftertaste may still linger on. It’s therefore not suitable for those who want to discreetly smoke it because they have to take extra caution

What Makes OG Kush Popular?

One thing that stands out when it comes to this weed strain is that it has feminized seeds. The marijuana strain is loved by all class of people, from patients to Hollywood stars. OG’s strait is termed as strong, versatile, and unique. Its citrusy aroma gives it a distinct flavor and takes it feels like consuming fuel. It makes you energized and improves your feeling.

Generally, some of the things that make OG Kush very popular include:

Beautiful Genetics

OG Kush has a beautiful background.  Featuring the Pakistani Kush, Chemdawg, and the Lemon Thai, this weed’s background is interesting and captivating at the same time. Its name indicates that it is the Original Gangster.

Great for Physical and Mental Health

This is an extremely powerful type of cannabis. OG Kush is suitable for veteran weed smokers because of its strong effects. Users can experience its benefits physically or mentally. Although this is considered as an Indica dominant strain, it has the properties of Sativa.

Large Buds

As this weed grows, its leaves normally stretch slowly before they fill out the whole area as the plant flowers. OG Kush can reach a height of 160 cm and its leaves are normally dense and large. They normally have amazing undertones with resin-covered clusters which have lime-green color. Besides that, OG’s popularity has soared because of the Royal Queen Seeds which are considered as the feminized type of the Kush.

OG Kush Growing Info

This weed can be grown anywhere. It’s suitable for outdoors as well as indoors cultivation. However, most growers find it difficult to cultivate OG Kush outdoors because it requires an average temperature of about 75 degrees-Fahrenheit. For convenience and high yields, growers normally cultivate it indoors. OG Kush can grow up to 3 ½ feet tall. Its leaves are usually broad and they require trimming during management. The weed’s leaves usually grow towards the direction of light hence you need to have sufficient lighting. Within 8 or 9 weeks, this Kush will have matured and you can expect yields of about 45 per sq. ft.  Note that OG Kush has a distinct pungent smell and if you are growing it indoors, then you need to invest in air refreshing measures like exhaust fans.

OG Kush Effects

Its mood-uplifting effects in addition to being a moderate energizer mean that OG should be taken early in the evening or during the day. It’s also suitable for entertainment and recreational activities and you can take it alone or as a group of people. Its energizing effects means that OG can be taken to enhance performance. Although there is no clear description of its genetics, this strain of weed is very strong. It has been used to create crossbreeds such as the Bubba Kush. Besides that, there are also OG Kush phenotypes like Alpha OG & Tahoe OG.

Types of OG Kush Strains

There is no doubt that OG Kush is one of the most popular as well as powerful weed strains. Its versatility and the strong, unique properties have made it suitable for treating various mental and physical disorders.

There are multiple types of OG Kush Strains with the popular ones being:

The Super OG Kush Strain

It has the same ratio of Indica and Sativa. Super OG’s origins can be traced back from San Fernando Valley in the US. The attractive weed has an attractive aroma as well as good-looking buds. With THC content that can reach 20 percent, Super OG is a powerful strain that creates a euphoric feeling. Apart from being used for entertainment, it can also be used for medical purposes. It’s a sedative that helps to reduce chronic pain and uplift moods.

The Hawaiian OG Kush strain

It’s a sativa-dominant OG Strain. The Hawaiian Kush is a hybrid cannabis whose origins are claimed to the Hawaii Islands. This weed also does well in other parts of the world such as Canada, Holland, and others. This OG strain is considered as versatile and it has been used to create other types of sativa strains which include the Hawaiian Dream, Hawaiian Haze etc. Hawaiian OG Kush as a THC content of about 15 to 25 percent while the CBD content is around one percent. This Kush is normally used to treat conditions such as insomnia, sleeplessness, stress, and joint pains.

The Black OG Kush Strain

Although this is not a popular OG Kush strain, Black OG can be used to provide pain relief. Its effects are long-lasting thanks to its potent medical benefits. Black OG Kush is rare and it possesses the characteristics of Kush that is Indica-dominant. It can be used for entertainment because it provides a floaty type of feeling.

Hollywood OG Kush Strain

Its origins are claimed to be California, in the USA. The hybrid Indica-dominant OG Kush is used for therapy because it helps to soothe the body and provide pain relief. Hollywood OG is suitable for both newbies and veterans. Its sticky texture, as well as pointy leaves, make it look attractive. With a THC content between 12-20 percent, Hollywood OG Kush can create a feeling of highness.

Double OG Kush strain

It’s another Indica-dominant strain with powerful effects. Double OG’s genetics are inherited from the Big Bud, Afgoo, and the SFV-OG. For novices, this strain can easily knock you out and it needs someone with experience. It’s not suitable for use if you have a hectic day because it can easily alter how your mind functions. Double OK Kush is normally used for entertainment thanks to its high THC content of 15 to 25 percent.

Alien OG Kush strain

Alien, just like Hollywood OG Kush, has its origins in California. It’s popular with users because it easily stimulates the cerebral. Alien OG is a cross of the Tahoe OG strain and the Alien Kush. It has very high THC content that can start from as low as 20 percent and go to as high as 28 percent. It’s a beautiful type of weed that has loose fluffy leaves and condensed buds.

Avatar OG Kush Strain

Its origin is said to be Northern California. The popularity of this weed comes from its potent and long-lasting effects as well as the sweet, unique aroma. Avatar is normally used to treat insomnia because it helps to enhance the production of melatonin. Additionally, this Indica dominant Kush can be used to ease the symptoms of anxiety well providing a calming effect.

Final Thoughts

OG Kush is extremely powerful and its effects are usually long-lasting. For novices, you are advised to start taking this Kush in smaller doses because it can easily knock you out. The high-quality Kush is suitable for a wide range of uses, leading to better physical and mental performance.

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