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Populum is a high-quality CBD company that is based in Arizona. Their name was inspired by the Latin phrase, “Ad Populum”, which translates to “for the people”. Right away, we can assume that they have their customers best interests at heart. This company began in 2016 and has worked to eliminate the negative reputation surrounding marijuana and hemp related products. They aim to bring CBD products into a better light so that more people in need of it’s healing properties may find relief in doing so.

The Populum company is actually the first of it’s kind in that it offers it’s new customers a no-risk, 30 day trial. This is very convenient for anyone trying out CBD for the first time and not sure what to expect. They have a wide variety of merchandise to choose from that ranges from CBD capsules, CBD oils, CBD rubs, and even CBD products for your pets! The Populum Brand also offers free shipping, which is something we don’t see often with other companies. They also provide third-party lab testing for each of their products. This stands to ensure that they are of the highest quality, and when it comes to CBD, it is important not to cut corners.

What Products Does Populum Have to Offer?

While Populum’s product lineup may be considered limited, it is important to remember quality over quantity. Their CBD products are made from hemp plants grown by US Farmers in Colorado, which is well known for it’s impeccable taste in all things marijuana. They spend time carefully perfecting each of their products individually to guarantee customer satisfaction. Also, having less to choose from can make deciding on the right product a much simpler task in the long run. especially for a new user.

Populum’s products are made with non-GMO ingredients and include a Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil, Soft Gel Hemp Oil Capsules, a Cold Therapy Hemp Rub, and a specialized Hemp Oil for pets. While their products are full-spectrum, they are all within the 0.3% legal limit of THC amount aloud. This means that they do not have any psycho-active effects and they will not get the user’s “high”.

Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil

Populum Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil

Populum’s Hemp CBD Oil is probably their most popular product. It is carefully blended with coconut and grapeseed oils and then flavored with Populum’s award-winning orange flavor. It is made available in 30ml bottles with a dropper and 3 different levels of concentration: 250, 500, and 1,000 milligrams. 500mg is the most popular of these and the serving size is 17mg. The consistency of the oil feels natural and the added coconut is a yummy touch.

Soft Gel Hemp Oil Capsules

Soft Gel Hemp Oil Capsules

These gelatin capsules are gluten-free and contain either 15 or 25 milligrams of CBD oil. They are available in either 450mg or 750mg concentration. Like Populum’s other products, they are derived from domestically grown hemp plants and are carefully made, high quality capsules. The capsules popularity is due to the convenience they provide to on-the-go users. Each bottle contains 30 capsules.

Cold Therapy Hemp Rub

Cold Therapy Hemp Rub

This menthol rub is made with full spectrum CBD extract containing 0.9 milligrams per milliliter. The cooling rub is specially made to help relieve stiff and sore joints. Athletes and those suffering from things like arthritis love this product. Chamomile, aloe vera, and arnica are also used in the rub to work with the CBD to give your joints the relief they need.

Zen Pets Calming Hemp Oil

Zen Pets Calming Hemp Oil

Available in 100mg and 250mg concentration, this Calming Hemp Oil is made specially for your four-legged furry friend. This is also a full spectrum CBD product made with coconut oil and hemp seed oil, staying true to the all natural ingredients that Populum is known for. Used to help relieve symptoms of stress and anxiety, this CBD oil is guaranteed high-quality with only the best in mind for your pets.

Getting Started With Populum’s Starter Kit

Populum’s Star Kit makes saving money on your CBD products an easy task. It also makes a great gift. The Starter Kit contains 250mg of premium full spectrum CBD oil, the Cold Therapy Hemp Rub, and the Zen Pets Calming Hemp Oil. A one time, separate purchase of all 3 of these products would cost around $136, plus tax. The kit bundle is $125 with free shipping on every order.

What do I Need to Know About Populum’s CBD Oils?


Made from all natural ingredients, Populum promises that their products have been tested to be safe, clean, and made with high-quality full spectrum CBD extract. They are so confident in their product’s ability to relieve your symptoms that they offer a risk free 30 day trial to all new user’s of Populum Brand products. Botanical extracts, plant oils, and essential oils are used enhance the taste of the products and aid the CBD with any healing properties they have to offer. While the hemp used to create Populum’s products are non-GMO, and they do have gluten free products, Vegetarians and Vegans are warned that the Gel Capsules are made from Gelatin.


Populum Reviews online make a point to note that their customer service is absolutely amazing, making “For the People” continue to make sense. Their business keeps representatives readily available through their phone line, online chat, or email. So any further questions you may have can be answered quickly and you can get to shopping! Populum reviews also go into great detail about the many ailments that these products have helped eased since being founded.


Populum’s hemp plants are all grown in the U.S. on farms in Colorado. Unnecessary compounds are removed during extraction and the remaining cannabinoids are used to create a highly potent and successful CBD product. They are then formulated and tested in a certified GMP facility before being carefully bottled and shipped free to your door. Third party lab testing done on every Populum product guarantees only high quality and consistently effective results.

Flavor and Appearance of Populum Products

The Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil: The essential oils and citrus oils used in the making of their Hemp oil gives this product a sweeter, more delightful taste and smell. The use of these oils allows for a tastier product without the drawbacks of added sweeteners and makes the overall experience more enjoyable.

The Soft Gel Hemp Oil Capsules: CBD Gel Capsules are made specially for people who prefer a tasteless product. The yellow capsules are made from gelatin and have a soft botanical like scent to them. They are easy to swallow and are great for customers in need of a quick and easy consumption of their daily CBD oil.

The Cold Therapy Hemp Rub: The hemp rub is obviously not for oral consumption but it is a real treat for the nostrils. The cooling minty fragance mixed with menthol and a hint of chamomile. The rub is of a gel like consistently and is easy to apply and rub in.

The Zen Pets Calming Hemp Oil: The coconut oil used in this product is slightly more pronounced, but the hemp’s natural scent is the main fragrance that the Pet Oil gives off. Any owner who is not a fan of the hemp smell, may avoid it by mixing this oil in with their furry friend’s food or treats. It can also be applied directly to your pet’s tongue.

CBD Potency

Because the science behind CBD is still so new, dosages for the compound medicine are still up in the air. Your personal dose will depend on you, your body, and what suits you as an individual best. The Hemp Oil is available in 250mg, 500mg, and 1,000mg concentration levels. The concentration you choose to purchase depends on you and the severity of you health issues. It is suggested that new users who are unaware of what dose to take, should begin at a low level dosage, and work their way up until the desired relief is reached.

Pricing and Discounts Available at Populum

Strength Price
Hemp CBD Oil 250mg $59.00
Hemp CBD Oil 500mg $99.00
Hemp CBD Oil 1,000mg $179.00
Soft Gel Capsules 750mg (30 capsules) $109.00
Hemp Rub 100mg $45.00
Calming Hemp Pet Oil 100mg $32.00
Calming Hemp Pet Oil 250mg $54.00

Populum also offers Military discounts for United States Veterans at 25% off all products.

You can also sign up for a subscription which will have your products sent to you automatically every month. This will give you an additional 20% off your purchase. This subscription can be cancelled at any time. Populum encourages users to use their products to their entirety to give the CBD a chance to work it’s magic. However, returns are accepted at any time through their customers service department.

Final Thoughts

The Populum Brand makes their love for people and all things CBD absolutely apparent through their carefully processed products and attention to detail. “For the People” truly suits this brand and we are HERE FOR IT. They pride themselves in de-stigmatizing Hemp and CBD products through their careful and high quality work. This brand really makes you feel like they care about you and the health benefits you can stand to gain from purchasing their merchandise. Again, while they do not have a huge selection to choose from, what they do have remains high quality, clean, safe, and reliable. Online Populum reviews speak for themselves: This is a CBD Company that cares about it’s consumers.

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