Runtz Marijuana Strain Review and Growing Info


Runtz is a specifically unique cannabis strain from the Cookies family. It has been named after the iconic candy and is a cross between Gelato and Zkittlez strains. This strain is noted for the incredibly fruity profile and the colorful buds ranging from vivid purple to lime green. The hybrid strain prides itself on a potent and calming high that will relax you and let your stress fade away. In case you are looking forward to a complete experience, the strain could be in your best interest.

What is the Runtz Strain?

The Runtz marijuana strain originates from Los Angeles and comes with a flavor profile commonly associated with candies. Growers named this strain the well-known sugary candy because of its sweet aromatic profile and colorful look and feel. Users have spotted a vibrant collection of colors in the bud. You will see everything from purples, blues, greens, and bright oranges.

Currently, Runtz is a hard strain to get outside LA, but every review available has described this strain as relaxing and euphoric at the same time. This is, however, not new for a hybrid strain of its class. To add to that, there are other different kinds of Runtz strains leaning more towards sativa or indica. Every phenotype has been named after the dominant color seen on its buds.

Runtz Strain: Aroma, Appearance, and Flavor


The aromatic profile of this strain makes it smell like some bag of sweet candy. Even though the terpene profile makes the candy-like smell, there are hints of wood and tropical fruit that are also detectable. The common terpenes present in the strain are limonene and caryophyllene, contributing to the citrus and peppery elements to the strain’s general aroma.


This strain’s buds are dense and round with a lime-green hue. Well-cured buds of the strain have spots of color that are dotted all through. Some other colors that you will see include blue, orange, and purple. Its buds have been drenched in resinous trichomes that explain its potency. They are also adorned with some bright orange pistils.


Most users like the taste of the Runtz strain, where most people have described it as being delicious. The strain’s flavor is similar to the scent since it has a fruity and sweet candy taste. Its fruity taste is commonly described as tropical with earthy notes blended in. the strain similarly produces some creamy and smooth smoke leaving a sugar-sweet aftertaste.

Runtz Strain Effects

With individuals reacting differently to cannabis and its different strains, most users have reported calming and euphoric effects, followed by a sleepy and peaceful lull. Its body high is very intense and often results in a deep and restful sleep; this strain also uplifts your spirits and brings you happy feelings. The high begins strong and melts away any stress and discomfort. This then slowly tapers off, which leaves you content and relaxed.

Runtz Strain Reviews: Medical Benefits

In the same way as most strains with a serious body high, people using the strain for therapeutic reasons have so much to say. It has been applauded for its pain-relieving effects, which help reduce chronic pain such that the pain becomes unnoticeable. Anything from headaches to minor pains and aches will disappear with the body buzz hitting. It can also help to relax the muscles and reduce inflammation, which helps with injuries, arthritis, and chronic stress.


This strain can also overcome most people’s loss of appetite, helping with nausea and the side effects of chemo. If you, therefore, need to eat, this is the strain that you should be looking for. People suffering from insomnia also get relief from the strain once the indica takes over. According to most users, they have sweet dreams after spending their evening with the Runtz marijuana strain.

The euphoric and uplifting high will be a good escape from stress when it comes to the mental side. People suffering from anxiety have noticed that their worries fade away and become more relaxed and happy. If you are suffering from depression, this strain will greatly help.

Runtz Strain Review: Growing Information

  • Growing Location- Indoor and outdoor growing methods are excellent choices when it comes to cultivation. Each of these options will reward you with exceptionally high yields.
  • Soil or Hydroponics- The good thing about this strain is that it easily adapts to growing conditions. However, for higher yields, plant the strain outdoors even though it flourishes indoors. It is important to plant the seeds in organic and nutrient-rich soil for the growing medium.
  • Minerals and Non-Mineral Elements- Be ready to apply fertilizer. Since the strain’s seeds grow fast, you will need to give the seeds more nutrients, especially nitrogen. You should, however, watch out for nutrients burn on its leaves.
  • Temperature and Humidity- You are advised to use high discharge lamps to ensure the plants get the needed light. Most growers induce flowering using a specific schedule of 12 hours of light and 12 hours of dark.
  • Management- Keep an eye on lighting cycles for this strain. The seeds are photoperiod, meaning they need a change in the lighting to begin flowering. Pruning and topping might also be needed now that the plant grows upwards.

Potential Side Effects of Runtz Strain

The side effects of this strain include dry eyes and mouth, which is common with most cannabis strains. To curb that, you should drink enough hydrating fluids and use eye drops. Apart from that, given that the strain has a high THC content, users who aren’t used to high-caliber strains could experience heightened paranoia and anxiety when too much is used.

The Bottom Line

Summing it up, the Runtz strain is a high-powered hybrid strain with a candy flavor. The cannabis strain is ideal for anyone looking to unwind and decompress after a long week or day. This strain has a euphoric and vibrant high as it keeps you very calm and ultimately restful for the best night’s sleep. The strain cannot be recommended for beginner enthusiasts. However, it is a good choice for everyone looking forward to trying out the Los Angeles-based strain and having a good time.

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