Bubba Kush Cannabis Strain: What Should You Do Efficiently to Grow This Kush

Bubba kush cannabis

If you are a marijuana enthusiast, you have definitely heard of Bubba Kush. Being one of the powerful and premium types of marijuana on the market, the popularity of Bubba Kush is hard to ignore. Kush Growers usually face a challenge of cultivating weed because of inadequate information. The best thing about Bubba Kush is that it can be cultivated by any type of grower. If you want to grow Bubba Kush, this article provides you with the nine essential tips which you can use to get high yields.

Bubba Kush Cannabis Strain

It’s a quality weed spectrum whose parent is OG Kush. The clear origins of this weed are not well-known and it’s said to be a cross of OG Kush with another type of Indica weed. This cannabis strain is known because of its powerful effects. By simply taking a few puffs, Bubba Kush can knock you out.  Its flavor resembles that of coffee and chocolate with some hash undertones. Its taste profile normally leaves users in a peaceful and blissful state. With a lineage that goes back to the Afghani marijuana, in terms of appearance, Bubba Kush has large buds and a short length.

Bubba Kush: Growing Guide

It’s one of the simplest and easiest weeds to cultivate. It’s faster maturity, little maintenance, and relatively high yields make it suitable for beginners. If Bubba Kush is cultivated with extra-care, it can produce yields with extremely high level of potency. So, what should you do efficiently to grow this Kush?

Growing Space

For starters, this is environmentally-friendly marijuana. It has a short length and doesn’t grow very tall. It can grow to a maximum height of only four meters. Generally, it usually reaches 2 or 3 meters in terms of average height. This means that it doesn’t need a lot of vertical space.

Growing Environment

This low-maintenance weed can be grown outside, on soil or a space that’s created indoors. Its short size makes it suitable for growing indoors and it can thrive here. You can’t fit Bubba Kush Cannabis inside your cabinets, a low-lying closet, or a cupboard as per the space that is available. An outdoor environment makes it very challenging to grow Bubba Kush. The varying climatic conditions, as well as pests or diseases, usually result in low amounts of yields. Planting this weed in an indoor environment means that you are in a better place to control certain climatic conditions with a guarantee of high yields.

Growing Medium: Hydroponics System

From this Bubba Kush growing guide, it’s clear that an indoor space is the best option. This means that you can use soil as a growing medium, or alternatively, a hydroponics system.  The latter is much better than the former because it’s considered to be inert. Unlike soil which has pests and chemicals, this system lacks any harmful compound that might negatively affect the growth of this weed. When using a hydroponics system, all you have to ensure is to supply the plants with the vital nutrients. Besides that, a grower can also use the Sea of Green medium which not only induces faster flowering but also ensures that you get optimal yields.

Growing Medium: Super-Soils

Sometimes it’s not possible for a grower to cultivate indoors. This means that the only option they have is an outdoor space. But normal soils are susceptible to a number of factors which slow or affect the growth of Bubba Kush. To deal with this problem, you will need to use super soils. You can get them from your local agricultural stores or simply make your own.

If you want to make your own Bubba Kush, you need to know the type of soils found in your garden. After that, look for an organic base e.g. peat moss, compost etc. Get a good aerating agent and then combine all of them in equal amounts to create super soils. Your soil needs to have fungi so you’ll need to add kelp, humic acid, and mycorrhizal-inoculant. The importance of fungi is to facilitate the formation of micro- and macro-nutrients by breaking down all the complex sugars that are found in the soil

Nutrient Supply

For Bubba Kush to produce high yields, you need to feed. Like most types of cultivated marijuana, this weed needs these 3 minerals: phosphorus, potassium, & Nitrogen. They are essential minerals which help to nourish and enhance the growth of Bubba Kush. However, these three minerals are not 100 percent effective on their own. They need other minerals to support their functions and lead. Other minerals which you can add in your hydroponics system are calcium and magnesium. Some growers also add sulfur.

Apart from minerals, Bubba Kush needs elements such as oxygen, carbon, and hydrogen for photosynthesis and other cell functions. All the minerals and non-minerals should be heavily supplied during the flowering and vegetative period if you want high yields. Make sure you don’t overfeed your Kush because the plants will end up with nutrient burn which affects the leaves. Growers should be aware that nutrient deficiency results in poor yields and it may slow down the cannabis’ growing period.

Climatic Conditions

These are basically temperature levels and humidity percentage. This is one of the Bubba Kush grow tips that should keenly follow. Because a decrease in one, say temperature and an increase in humidity mean that the Kush plants will end up with conditions such as bud rot. The perfect growing temperature range of this Kush is 68 to 70 degrees-Fahrenheit. But reviews by some growers indicate that it can still thrive in very high temperatures of almost 80 degrees-Fahrenheit. A much lower temperature reduces the evaporation process leading to a lower level of suction force. This means that the plants won’t be able to absorb nutrients efficiently. During the vegetative stage, keep the level of humidity between 50-60 percent and reduce it by 10 percent once the plants start to flower.

PH Level

A high alkaline PH level isn’t suitable for the growth of Bubba Kush Cannabis. This strain needs a growing medium that’s highly acidic. Using the PH scale, a grower needs to ensure that the soils or hydroponics system has a PH range of 5.8 to 6.8. The PH value helps to determine how the Kush absorbs all the vital minerals and other elements. For example, if the level of PH is highly acidic, the Kush plants will end up absorbing more manganese. Minerals also help to balance the level of PH. A highly acidic PH can be neutralized by lime while an alkaline PH can be neutralized by sulfur.

Management: Trimming

Bubba Kush is a leafy plant that needs to be trimmed before the harvesting period. Trim the bigger leaves while leaving the smaller ones because they help to protect the growing buds. Trimming helps to make sure that the buds receive enough sunlight.

Flowering and Harvesting

As a grower, you need to ensure that your Kush is getting enough nutrients especially once it’s in the vegetative period and flowering season. Sufficiently supplying it with all the vital nutrients will result in higher yields. Bubba Kush takes a maximum of 9 weeks to flower. Growing Bubba Kush Outdoors will lead to an approximate yield of 20-28 ounce for every plant. An indoor environment normally produces around 18 ounces for every square meter.

How to Determine If Bubba Kush Weed Is Ready For Harvest

One of the best and easiest way of determining the maturity of any marijuana strain is by depending on the flowering stage. Bubba Kush takes around 9 weeks (sometimes 8 weeks) for it to flower. Besides that, you can sample the pistils. If they have curly, dark hairs, then your weed is ready for harvesting.

Bubba Kush: Common Effects

Being an Indica marijuana, this weed is normally used for entertainment. It’s often associated with the “couch-lock” effect because it renders you immobile. It’s actually the best remedy for treating insomnia. For stoners, this is the perfect Kush. Hardcore smokers normally love it because it has a quick knockout effect. For those who want to improve focus and creativity, this Kush helps to enhance concentration and clear the mind. It’s a strain that helps to provoke thoughts, making the consumer to develop a deeper level of creativity. Taking Bubba Kush, in general, will make you happier, hungry, and sleepy. It creates enjoyable euphoria while allowing you to feel relaxed.

Final Thoughts

Bubba Kush is a ganja that has a short height. It thrives in a mildly warm environment and takes a few weeks to mature. It’s a weed that needs a moderate level of maintenance and it produces a decent amount of yields if all the vital growing aspects are considered. Whether you are a veteran grower or one of the latest newbies, this marijuana is not difficult to cultivate.

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