Growing Guide of Jack Herer Marijuana Strain: What You Need to Know to Get High Yields

Jack Herer Marijuana Strain

Marijuana cultivation requires the grower to be well-informed and prepared. Poor growing technique is what leads to poor yields. Whether you are a well-experienced grower or you are just starting out, you need to have the right knowledge in order to get high yields.

Jack Herer is one of the popular strains of Cannabis sativa in the marijuana industry. The quality of this Kush’s effectiveness is why most people are opting to cultivate it instead of making purchases. However, cultivating Jack Herer isn’t easy. According to most growers, this marijuana strain is difficult to grow. This article offers vital and detailed Jack Herer growing tips to help you get high yields.

Jack Herer Marijuana:  Strain Overview

It is a classic and powerful marijuana strain that was first produced in the Netherlands. Jack Herer plant is a cross between the #5 Northern Lights & the Shiva Skunk. The cannabis helps to improve creativity, clear the mind, and motivate the consumer.  It’s a sativa dominant hybrid with high levels of THC. Jack Herer marijuana is normally taken as joints and it produces intense “highs”, making it one of the most respected types of Kush. With a THC content of more than 23 percent, this marijuana strain lifts the user’s moods and creates a deep feeling of euphoria.

9 Tips for Growing Jack Herer Plant

If you want to grow this marijuana strain at home, then you need to be aware of the growing medium, suitable climatic conditions, feeding requirements, maintenance, and flowering time.  If you are wondering how you can go about it, below is a simple practical guide of jack Herer growing tips.

Type of Phenotype

Jack Herer marijuana is a plant which has a wide range of phenotypes. As a result, the amount of yields that you will get depends on the type of phenotype that you have cultivated. If you want a strain that’s easy to manage, then look for a phenotype which is sativa dominant. However, most growers usually go for indica dominant phenotypes because they produce higher yields. A sativa dominant Jack Herer phenotype usually produces very low or moderate yields.

Growing Environment

One of the top Jack Herer grow tips that you should heavily consider is the growing environment. As much as this strain can thrive outdoors, it produces more yields when it’s grown indoors. Cultivating it indoors usually leads to about 18 ounces for every square meter. An indoor setting makes it very easy to control the climatic conditions and provides better security,

The Lighting Schedule

If you are growing Jack Herer indoors, then you need to have a lighting schedule in place. Light is very important for photosynthesis and it affects the number of yields. With this marijuana, an 18-hour lighting schedule is important while it’s in the vegetative stage. Once the plants begin to flower, you will be required to switch to the 12/12-hour schedule.

If Jack Herer plant receives adequate light, it normally grows to be very huge and sometimes it might get so big that it can’t fit inside an indoor space. However, if your space is small, you can restrict the plant in a 14-day vegetative stage from where they’ll directly go to the flowering stage.

Use Side Lighting

This is vital for an indoor space.  A side lighting is very important especially if you are using the 12 to 12 lighting hour schedule. It improves the number of yields by ensuring that the sides of your plants all receive adequate lighting for photosynthesis.  If you are going to use top lighting alone, your marijuana plants will end up with fat & large buds. Additionally, its lower buds and those found in the interior parts will have very small buds. Reviews show that adding a side lighting can increase your Jack Herer yields by almost 20 percent.

Implement Training Techniques

The purpose of this is to ensure that your plants grow extensively horizontally. Additionally, it’s also important in helping to break dominance from the main stem. A growing technique exposes the buds to more light leading to better productivity. When the growing techniques are done effectively, your plants will end up getting bushier and they will have more buds.Jack Herer Marijuana Strain


The best types of growing techniques include:

  • Topping: It involves the removal of the main stem’s tip. It helps to enhance the growth of new buds as well as branches.
  • Low-Stress Training: It’s a process that involves bending outwards the shoots of the plant, away from the main stem.
  • The Screen of Green: It involves adding a screen close to the lighting sources. This helps to boost the number of buds which are exposed to light.

Jack Herer marijuana is just like all other types of cannabis when it comes to feeding. This Kush requires potassium, nitrogen, and phosphorus. They are regarded as the essential minerals which are required for growth.  Nitrogen is more important for the vegetative stage. It helps to ensure that the leaves and the buds are growing effectively. The remaining two minerals ate mostly used during the flowering stage. Generally, it doesn’t need so much fertilizer since it needs low amounts of nutrients for maximum productivity.

It’s also important to add nutrients like magnesium and sulfur. Calcium is also important for improving the plant’s structure. First-time marijuana growers should be aware that Jack Herer is not like other types of cannabis strain hence it rarely suffers from nutrition deficiency. However, overfeeding your plants will easily result in nutrient burn. When you are adding fertilizer, use just 0.25 percent of the required dosage and then gradually increase the amount as time goes by.


Jack Herer marijuana needs a temperature of 70-80 degrees-Fahrenheit when it’s grown indoors. Generally, it’s a type of Kush usually needs a moderate type of climate. The above-mentioned temperature range needs to be maintained while the plants are in the vegetative period. This helps to enhance the development of larger buds.  This temperature needs to be reduced to about 65-68 Degrees-Fahrenheit when the plants begin to flower.


A Humidity range of 50-60 percent is the best for optimal growth while the plants are still vegetating. However, this level needs to be reduced by almost 15 percent once the plants are in the flowering stage. A high percentage of humidity during the flowering stage can cause bud rot. Jack Herer Kush needs about 9 weeks in order for the plants to flower. This period can be significantly reduced by the lighting schedule which can force the plants to quickly flower.

Natural Pest Control

Most growers usually turn to indoor growing spaces because this means less frequency of pest attacks. However, this doesn’t mean that the plants are immune to these attacks. It’s important to use natural pest control measures. For instance, a ladybug is a great natural pest controller that can be used to repel spider mites, aphids, mealybugs, and also whiteflies. There are also plants such as geraniums which help to support healthy marijuana growth and limit pest infections.

Note: As much as arming yourself with these growing tips is important, it’s important to understand the marijuana laws in your state. Additionally, you need to get approval from the relevant authorities before you can begin cultivating Jack Herer.

Types of Jack Herer Phenotypes

This marijuana is named after the legendary marijuana activist, Jack Herer. Due to its high quality and long-lasting effects, Jack Herer plant has been used to create various marijuana phenotypes.

The most common types of Jack Herer strain include:

Jacks Cleaner: It’s a sativa-dominant weed which creates a strong feeling of euphoria. Jacks Cleaner is perfect for treating issues such as depression, stress, anxiety among others. It promotes the production of energy hence it’s a good performance booster.

Pineapple Jack Strain: It contains high THC content which can go up to 20 percent. Pineapple Jack is suitable for improving creativity and some people often use it as an aphrodisiac. It has a beautiful flavor with attractive undertones.

Jack Flash: Though it provides effects which are associated with sativa dominant weed, it’s an Indica dominant hybrid. Jack Flash promotes the feeling of euphoria and helps to improve the user’s creativity and focus.

Super Jack Herer: It is a sweet and deeply spiced phenotype of Jack herer. Super Jack has high sativa content and it’s used to provide an energy boost, improve mood and to spark the user’s creativity. The weed perfect for daytime use since it helps to boost creativity.

Final Thoughts

There is no better feeling than effectively growing your marijuana and getting high yields. Although jack Herer is a difficult type of strain to cultivate, it’s actually possible to grow it for personal or commercial purposes. Simply ensure that you select jack Herer seeds that are indica dominant to ensure that you get high yields. Invest in a good lighting system, better security, and make sure that you understand the marijuana laws in your state.

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