Wedding Cake Marijuana Strain Review and Growing Info


Arguably, the wedding cake strain is one of the leading marijuana strains in the market today as far as potency is concerned. Over and over again, the strain has tested beyond 20% levels and bordered on 30%. Being an indica-dominant, it is obvious that this is a thrill seeker’s strain.

However, newbies might find the potency level too overwhelming and intense. But this does not mean that people ought to get rid of this bud. Instead, moderation is what must be observed at all times.

What is the Wedding Cake Strain?

This strain is also known as Pink Cookies or simply Birthday Cake and is known to be very potent. Once you take the strain, it will only take a few minutes before effects kick in heavily. The indica-dominant hybrid was made after a cross between Cherry Pie and GSC (Girl Scout Cookies). Medical and recreational tokers love the strain, especially due to its ability to relax both the mind and the body. The strain packs a punch with a THC content of 27%, not forgetting that it lasts a while. For that reason, you must not have any important plans when indulging in the strain.

Wedding Cake Strain: Aroma, Appearance, and Flavor

  • Aroma

This strain does not come with the most stimulating aroma that one could expect it to have. It isn’t any blast of sweetness you expect but a low-key combination of flower and earth scents having sweet tones underneath.

  • Appearance

Trichomes are what cover the sides and tops of calyxes. You will also notice colors of pinkish-red as well as the grape that ensures that the strain gets the sugar cookie aesthetic. It has dense nugs and is shaped the same way as teardrops. The reason why the strain got its name, pink cookies, is due to its coloring.

  • Flavor

Upon consumption, you will realize some pepper spiciness that introduces itself. That dissipates very fast, even though an earthier undertone will take over. When you swirl the smoke in your mouth, it will bring out the vanilla flavors. Upon exhalation, you will be left with a sweet aftertaste.

Wedding Cake Strain Effects

This strain is very potent and is therefore not an ideal choice for after-wedding parties. You can maybe use it if you plan to go home soon after that. After using the strain, you will feel a mild psychedelic high where users report seeing everything in HD literally.


This could be somehow disturbing, but for experienced users, this shouldn’t be overwhelming.Ideally, the strain will help calm you down, making it the best choice when you want to unwind. Another good way of describing the effects of this strain is that it leaves you more of a spectator than a participant.

Wedding Cake Strain Reviews: Medical Benefits

The happiness is high from this strain doubles as a comfort source for psychologically distressed and chronically stressed people. It will enhance mood, eliminate your worries and push back problems temporarily. Stabilizing emotions helps people to manage symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Its analgesic properties release users from pains and aches brought by health conditions like migraines, and headaches. It is also good for gastrointestinal contractions and cramps. A natural alternative for opioid-based medicine, it has rare negative effects like nausea. Instead, it appeases your stomach and can even stimulate the appetite. If you, therefore, have eating disorders, the strain could help.

It has a sedating buzz that instills deep drowsiness that will likely lull you to bed. For that reason, users with sleeping disorders like insomnia may find the strain helpful. Besides enhancing the quality of sleep, it also helps with sleep quantity.

Wedding Cake Strain Review: Growing Information

  • Growing Location- Growing the wedding cake strain is not an easy task because the cultivars of the strain haven’t shared any growth information. Growing it will be a trial and error, but it does well indoors and outdoors.
  • Soil or Hydroponics- The ancestry of this strain suggests that it does well indoors and is ideal if you use fertile soil as your growing medium.
  • Minerals and Non-Mineral Elements- The best option of cultivating the strain is obtaining a cutting from female plants. This strain thrives well in the soil as the medium, and all that is required here is fertile soil. With the know-how and experience, you should find it easy to cultivate the strain.
  • Temperature and Humidity- If you grow the strain outdoors, you must ensure that you live in a sunny, warm, and slightly humid environment. The crop will be ready for harvest from late September to mid-October, with a harvest of 21 ounces for every plant. A good ventilation system is important to help with air circulation in your growing area when grown indoors. Flowering time will be anywhere between 7 and 9 weeks, with a yield of 18 to 21 ounces for every square meter.
  • Management- Pruning is important when cultivating the wedding cake strain. It develops dense foliage, which grows thicker with more buds and leaves sprouting. Moisture might stick to the crevices and develop into mildew and mold. You should not leave it alone as it can lead to root rot.

Potential Side Effects of Wedding Cake Strain

Just like most high-THC strains, you will experience adverse side effects from this strain. When you use too much of it, you will experience side effects like red eyes or cottonmouth. In very rare cases, the strain could cause anxiety or panic attacks among people who have been predisposed to such conditions.

The Bottom Line

From what we have learned, this is an intense strain that temporarily helps to alleviate pain, depression, and anxiety. Its high THC level will feel like one has just dabbed some concentrate. Even though this is a relaxing smoke, it is not recommended for newbies or people who have a low tolerance to weed.

The good thing is that some versions of this strain have a higher CBD content and low THC levels. This will serve as a good option to reduce the risks of having to experience side effects. Once you use the strain, your mind will feel invigorated, and you could easily break into some uncontrollable giggles. With time, your body will feel relaxed, and you could easily slip into a peaceful sleep.

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