Full-Spectrum CBD: What Is It and How Does It Work?

Full Spectrum CBD

What are the health benefits of this plant which caused over two thirds of the United States to change its opinion of it?  Most essential to you, what exactly is Full Spectrum CBD? How is it different from Marijuana and what are the benefits of using it? Marijuana or CBD Oil has been used to treat many chronic conditions such as nausea, seizures, migraines, anxiety, chronic itch, joint pain, depression (just to name a few). In this article we will look at what CBD is, what it does, the different varieties, how it can be taken, and anything you should think about before trying it.

What Full Spectrum CBD actually is?

Full Spectrum CBD is also called Full Spectrum CBD extract or Whole-plant CBD extract. It is sometimes called pure-spectrum as well. The terms are all similar. It includes all of the cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant with THC being one of the most known component.

CBD (Cannabidiol)

CBD is the most abundant compound in the hemp plant. Research suggests that CBD is a natural anti-inflammatory and may help promote homeostasis in the human body. Unlike THC, CBD will not give the user a “high” feeling that the cannabis plant has been traditionally known for. It is used by consumers to combat things like epilepsy, joint pain, PTSD, anxiety, and insomnia.

THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol)

THC is the second most basic cannabinoid in the hemp plant. THC is the dynamic compound in cannabis and is one of the most seasoned stimulating medications known. There is proof that cannabis was utilized by the Chinese as an herbal remedy since the main century AD. Cannabis originates from the blooming tops and leaves of the hemp plant, Cannabis sativa. For hundreds of years this plant has been broadly developed the world over for its filaments, and for sure the word canvas, which is a material produced using woven hemp strands, takes its name from cannabis. Nonetheless, cannabis is generally known as the origins of the maryjane tranquilize, despite the fact that the word pot applies both to the entire plant, and to the tar from it.

CBC (Cannabichromene)

While CBC definitely has singular benefits, researchers believe it works best synergistically with other cannabinoids. CBC is mostly being studied for it’s potential as a cancer fighter. CBC interacts with anandamide, a natural compound in the human body. CBC appears to inhibit the uptake of anandamide, which allows it to stay in the bloodstream longer. Anandamide has also been shown to fight breast cancer in vitro and in vivo. This shows that CBC and other cannabinoids might one day be a chemo-preventive agent.

CBG (Cannabigerol)

CBG is a non-intoxicating cannabinoid similar to CBD. It’s an essential compound of THC and CBD, and acts as precursor to the three most important cannabinoid strains: tetrahydrocannabinol acid (THCA), cannabidiol acid (CBDA), and cannabichromenic acid (CBCA). Enzymes in the hashish plant will break down CBG, converting it to its final compound. Studies have observed CBG acts on very particular thing, and propose CBG may additionally help with glaucoma, IBD, Huntington’s ailment, bladder problems, and possibly a potential be a cancer fighting substance.

CBN (Cannabinol)

CBN is a minor cannabinoid that research have proven to help with ache remedy and urge for food stimulation. It is also being studied for its sedative results. CBN is believed to be the compound in Cannabis that generates a comfortable feeling in the user. When utilized in massive amounts, CBN can also help to combat insomnia and trouble sleeping at night.CBD extract

Full Spectrum Cbd Or Cbd Isolate

According to research, Full Spectrum CBD includes trace amounts of THC, plus other cannabinoids and terpenes which produce what is known as an “Entourage Effect.” The synergistic relationship share by the cannabis components have been seen to result in increasing the healing properties of each. CBD isolate are molecules isolated or separated from other cannabis compounds in the plant. It’s fairly unlikely that you would fail a drug test or experience a form of “highness” due to this fact because of the low amounts of the THC. If you have a drug test coming up or prefer to be on the safe side, isolate is the way to go. Keep in mind though that Full Spectrum CBD product only contains trace amounts of THC.

Cbd Oils

This is the liquid form of the substance and will normally come in a small vial.  These vials normally come with a cap that is also a dropper. Using the dropper, place oil under the tongue where the compounds can be quickly absorbed. This is a great choice for anyone looking for quick relief or for those who struggle to swallow pills.

Creams And Lotions

With CBD becoming more and more popular to treat muscle aches and pains the need for a topical application has become more desirable.


Pills or Gel Caps

The US Food and Drug Administration recently approved the first high potency CBD drug to treat several types of seizure disorders.  While the pill form of CBD does take longer to reach the blood stream it is convenient for people who have been on doctor prescribed treatments as it will be very similar. Pills have also become the go to method of application for many digestive issues as well.


This was one of the first forms to gain popularity with the medical and recreational THC crowd. The CBD Oil crowd has definitely embraced the gummy version of this remedy.  Just like pills this is a preferred method for stomach issues and is a good way to make sure you’re taking the correct dose.


The most controversial form of ingesting CBD is vaping. Just like E-cigarettes and vaporized tobacco products this could cause damage to your lungs. With that warning in mind, this is the fastest way to experience the effects of CBD as the compounds are inhaled and absorbed directly from the lungs to the blood stream.

Why Full Spectrum Cbd Is Beneficial?

Are you having issues getting a good night rest? CBD has been shown to promote healthy sleep, as well as boosts the digestive system function. Full Spectrum CBD also supports a positive mental state, and can help balance out the endocannabinoid system. When the endocannabinoid system is balanced, it can work to ensure that all other systems of your body are balanced. On rare occasions, a minority of consumers reported symptoms of drowsiness or altered sleep habits. This may be caused by interactions with other medications being taken at the same time.

Cbd Isolate or Full Spectrum Cbd: Which One to Choose

My suggestion is always Full Spectrum CBD. When it comes to health, I don’t think we should hold back. Organic cbd is a natural medicine and it is essential to get the full benefit out of it. Consumption of only CBD oil products that are natural and lab-tested is a win/win situation. As always, it is recommended to speak with your doctor prior to ingesting CBD and incorporating it into your daily routine as needed.

Side Effects Of Full Spectrum Cbd

While most full-spectrum CBD products are usable without any noticeable side effects, the impact on an individual is unique with some side effects including, tiredness, and changes in both weight and appetite.


With adequate research, some practical experiments with various CBD products, you would definitely ascertain the best hemp oil product to meet your desired requirements. For individuals considering incorporating CBD treatment to aid with any ailment, be sure to consult your physician before changing your medical treatment.

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