The Different Ways to Smoke and Consume Cannabis

different way to smoke

Cannabis is well known in many different names including weed, marijuana, hash, pot and others. Cannabis belongs to the brownish or greenish raw material that is derived from the dried-up blooming buds/tops and even leaves of the cannabis plants, Cannabis indica or Cannabis sativa. Cannabis includes over 150 cannabinoids, which are the chemical compounds that alter how our brain performs and involves our intellectual state and physical activities during and after the consumption of cannabis. The most plentiful cannabinoids discovered in cannabis are CBD (cannabidiol) and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). Cannabis comes in several methods, like marijuana which are dried-up leaves and flowers of the cannabis plant and hash which is the resin component of the plant. It can also be combined with tobacco and smoked with glass bongs, joints or pipes, cooked into food items such as brownies, cakes or cookies or brewed into a drink.

When it comes to the matter of consumption of cannabis, the next-most crucial issue, after the cannabis flower itself, is the method of consumption. This viewpoint is often ignored, as demonstrated by the popularity among the consumers who have restricted their research to only one or two practices. If you find yourself within this classification but hope to develop a broad process of consumption of cannabis, let this article be your checklist. Achieving the physical and mental benefits of cannabis is essentially contingent upon how cannabis is consumed, with each technique offering a distinctive medicinal effects and recreational experience.

Broadly, there are three essential methods of cannabis consumption: oral, topical, and inhalation. Under this broad three methods of consuming techniques of cannabis that provide distinctive beneficial effects, each suitable for separate conditions.

Consumption through Inhalation

Once cannabis is inhaled, the vapors enter the lungs prior to absorbing into the cardiovascular system. This olden tradition is the technique most frequently related with cannabis, and there are many distinct approaches for consumers to smoke cannabis. Improvements in inhalation technology, nevertheless, have recommended smokers an alternate approach with only some health alarms. The effects of cannabis linked with smoking are extensively discussed, but health experts are in accord that smoke-free techniques are medically preferred and create fewer risk. Cannabis smokers have a broad range of gadgets at their hand, involving water pipes, hand pipes, hookahs, rolling papers, and household one-time use gadgets. Each of these offers distinct experiences while smoking the cannabis and affect the quality of vapor inhaled. Below are 10 different ways to inhale cannabis:

Apple Pipe

Apples are considered a staple in grocery stores across the nation – so it is only natural that consumer will turn it into a pipe. You can utilize either apple slices or a whole apple, even though using a whole apple is the most used technique. With a pen, cut out a gap midway down the middle of the apple, then an extra one into the wall so that the two gaps meet up in the middle of the apple. After preparing the apple, put your dried-up cannabis extract on the top of the apple and breathe in through the gap on the other side. Although the apple doesn’t alter the flavor of the cannabis, it is a terrific way to prevent inhaling flaming rolling papers that are generally used.

Heated Knives

Heated knives include a cannabis concentrate, typically hash, which is put onto a reheated metal surface to create a smoke/vapor which is subsequently inhaled. Usually, butter knives are used, heated using a torch or on a cooker. There are numerous methods when it comes to utilizing heated knives; one technique is to cut down a plastic bottle in part and put the heated knife and hash underneath the bottle, then inhaling through the opening of the bottle. This ensures to guarantee that your face or mouth doesn’t get too near to the heated knife, which can result in burns.


Bongs which are also known as water pipes, are big pipes that include a water chamber aimed to cool off the fume before it enters your lungs. Bongs are said to create a more smooth and buttery smoking experience that facilitates focus the spontaneous terpene summary. Normally prepared with glass, bongs aren’t the most convenient smoking gadget but can be an appealing addition on your tea table.

Wood Pipe

Pipes are made from a range of materials, the most popular being crystal glass – and if you’ve ever been to a shop for these kinds of gadgets, it is the glass pipes that are expected take over the shelves. Nevertheless, wooden pipes do exist, and they come with a key benefit: they are much sturdier than stone or crystal glass pipes, so you can carry them reasonably with you to wherever you go. It’s crucial to keep wood pipes as neat as possible. As wood is permeable, it will absorb aromas and can gum up quite easily with mastic. Making sure your pipe is clean will provide better-feeling smoke.

Soda Tin Can

It’s remarkably easy to make pipes out of a range of household items -even litter items such as a Soda Tin Can. A soda can pipe is equally easy to make and a fantastic way to recycle your waste cans. Making a notch into the tin can with your thumbs so that the tin can gets a somewhat boat-shaped form. After that, make a series of openings – possibly 9-10 or so – using a razor-sharp thin object such as a embroidery pin. This is the part where you will put your dried-up cannabis flower. After that, alongside the wall of the can, make an additional larger hole with the help of a screwdriver which will serve the purpose of an inhalation point. All you require now is a fire torch/lighter, and you’ve made yourself a pristine home-made cannabis pipe at your disposal for smoking.

Chalice Pipe

This pipe is also well-known as a “Chillum” “Wisdom”, or “steam” chalice, as these pipes were widely popular among the Rastafarians as an element of their spiritual tradition. This water pipe can be made from an array of items, but it is mostly made with a coconut creating the bowl, a porcelain bowl for the cannabis, and a porcelain grill. A long length of cane forms the stem. Although a chalice is comparable to a bong, it essentially operates more like a vaporizer, since the cannabis bud is heated rather than burnt, resulting in vapor as a replacement for smoke.

Corn Husk

With their paper-like smoothness, corn husks can be a terrific alternative for rolling a cannabis blunt or joint. Corn husks are accessible mainly in the fall during crop harvesting season. Although they are denser than the standard rolling papers found in the stores, they can be a fantastic option for those looking for a entirely natural smoking experience. For experiencing the best results, choose corn husks that have been grown naturally without application of any sort of chemicals.


Dabbing requires a concentrated type of cannabis, well-known as dabbing wax, which is extracted using a chemical solvent such as propane or butane. Like every concentrate, dabbing wax is extremely powerful, usually comprising between 60% and 95% THC. A variety of techniques and apparatus can be utilized to dab, such as a dabbing rig which appears akin to a bong. The procedure requires heating up the dabbing wax with a lighter up until it generates vapor which is subsequently inhaled.


More widely identified as vape sticks/pens e-cigarettes are kind of like ecofriendly recyclable joints. They operate by heating up a cannabis product, every so often a cannabis oil concentrate including cannabinoids, to a point where the cannabinoids are discharged as vapor which is subsequently inhaled. Vape sticks/pens are mostly more distinct than other methods of burning cannabis, are believed to generate less pollutants than conventional cigarettes, and can present a more powerful and flavor-packed experience.

Gravity Bongs

Just as a cocktail bong is intended to push an outrageous quantity of alcoholic drink into someone’s belly, a gravity bong is intended to boost smoke into your lungs which results in a more powerful experience. Also well-known as a geeb, a gravity bong operates by plunging a smoke-filled space into water, with the water pushing the smoke up into the lungs of the user. A bump from a gravity bong is known to be much more extreme than a usual bong hit. So, it is always recommended to proceed with caution, especially for first time users.

smoke and Consume Cannabis

Oral Delivery Techniques

Oral delivery comprises of all methods that are dispensed through the mouth, which includes ingestible oils, tinctures, and cannabis-infused food/drinks. We most often believe that oral delivery indicates consumption through the digestive system prior to moving into the bloodstream, but this is always not the case given the complex system of our digestive system. Oils/Tinctures/Foods are fundamentally a cannabis product that is dispensed through the mouth, and they are immediately absorbed into the bloodstream, unlike other topical products.

Cannabis Tinctures

Tinctures are a fluid cannabis extract consumed by consumers seeking for dosage management and fast-performing impacts short of the health hazards related with smoking. Most frequently, liquor is used as the turpentine as such any evidence larger than 90 can be utilized efficiently, but other fat-solvable fluids can be utilized as well, such as glycerin or vinegar. Commonly, two or three drops of the tincture are positioned underneath the tongue, where it’s captivated into the body against absorbed and absorbed. When consumed, tinctures are instantly absorbed in an empty stomach but need time to progression through the liver, lessening dosage management.

Cannabis Oils

Consumable oils are a joyful product between infused foods and concentrates: they are eaten and digested like an infused product, but quite often have the texture and form of an oil. These oils can either be eaten or put inside easily digestible protein capsules. One common oil famous among users is Rick Simpson Oil (RSO), which began in 2003 when Simpson applied concentrated cannabis to care for his skin cancer. RSO is produced by extracting the medicinal elements of cannabis with liquor and then dispersing the solvent, departing after a pitch-like ingredient akin to oil.

Cannabis Edibles

Ingestion or drinking cannabis offers substantially distinct effects from dispensing methods that instantly go into the bloodstream, such as vaping or smoking. Edibles can be classified as any food that includes cannabis, whether or not the cannabis are available biologically. These food items have lengthier onsets and have a tendency to cause potent entire body inducing psychotropic effects.

Cannabis infused food and drinks can be made a range of methods varying on the food item itself. However, often, foods are infused with a basic infused element high-level in fat — like olive oil or butter — that allow extraction of the cannabis plant’s medicinal capabilities. Combining cannabis tinctures to food items is another great option for dosage management and minimalism. Normally, cooking with cannabis buds can be complicated because of the difficulty correlated with activation of the cannabis which includes delicate cooking temperatures and of course adequate solvent butter or fat. Nevertheless, as the predominance of cannabis research expands, so does the existence of cannabis buds in our pantry.

Topical Methods

Topicals are cannabis-filled balms, lotions, and oils that are immersed through the skin for concentrated relief of soreness, pain, and swelling. Since they’re non-intoxicating, topicals are regularly chosen by patients who choose the medicinal benefits of cannabis without the brainy elation linked with other consumption methods.

Topical cannabis oils are extracts from the cannabis plant that is denser than the oils used in cooked products. The oils are put on the skin and are immersed to alleviate soreness and muscle ache. Because cannabis topicals do not generate the high feeling, they are usually applied for therapeutic purposes merely.

Cannabis topicals are normally used directly to the distressed area, including these frequent areas of stress; knees, neck, wrists, temples of the head and backbone to relieve pain. For best outcomes, it’s essential to make sure the region of the body is clean before usage so that the cannabis can soak up more quickly into the skin. Use the cannabis-infused topical cream/balm by rubbing a substantial amount into the preferred area of the body.

The manner by which a cannabis topical gets immersed into the skin is with the help of CB1 and CB2 cannabinoid receptors which are uncovered in individual skin cells and assist to regulate the inflammatory reaction in the body. Patients have informed about near immediate relief from pains, aches, and a multitude of other medical symptoms when cannabis topicals are used. This non-psychoactive and fast-working alternative for pain alleviation, makes topicals one of the most prevalent cannabis products on the market these days.

Creams, Lotions, and Balms

These are water-based formulas including an assortment of other components, such as minerals and vitamins that are mixed with cannabis to nurture and rejuvenate the skin. Cannabis balms are mostly nearly solid, dense, and waxlike. They’re distinct from CBD salves, which have a tendency to be a little smoother than balms. Both balms and salves are more inclined to use waxes and fatty oils as base elements, while lotions and creams normally use water. Balms are a concentrated result, making the products a wonderful go-to option for pain assistance.

Transdermal Patches

Although most topicals only have an effect on the skin; transdermal patches essentially send cannabinoids through the skin and into the blood circulation. Constructed with a hypoallergenic support to prevent skin sensitivity, the patches are water-resistant and produced with coconut oil, soothing aloe, and olive oil to deliver moisture at the applied skin. Transdermal patches are a great option if you’re seeking for specific soreness or pain alleviation in a particular location on your body. The product offers a rapid absorption and are accessible in variable potencies. But it is recommended to talk to your physician before using the transdermal patches.


When the topic of smoking cannabis comes to discussion, it’s difficult to become bored, provided the overabundance of methods and options to take attempts. Whether you’re seeking for a quick solution, a new experience or just feeling like getting crafty with cannabis, there is a method to smoke or consume cannabis that fits every event. In 2021, we’re witnessing a surge of cannabis recognition that hasn’t been faced in years. As the nation works for authorizing the cannabis plant–whether therapeutically or recreationally one state at a time, it’s expected that we’ll persist to get new approaches to smoke or consume cannabis. From e-cigarettes with perks to foot long bongs and cannabis with cannabis capsules, the cannabis society has more smoking alternatives than ever before and that’s only going to expand in the future. While this article can’t tell you exactly what the future of consuming and smoking cannabis holds, we can expect that research and studies will continue to develop. But, till then, at least you can savor in the amazing alternatives you have at present, knowing just how far away some of these cannabis gadgets and consumption processes have come during the course of past history.

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