Which Strength CBD Should I Use?

CBD strength

Determining the most ideal CBD strength isn’t easy. That’s why it’s common to come across the question “Which Strength CBD Should I Use?”. The truth is that there is no recommended universal solution. However, estimates can be made to determine the right strength options that suit your individual needs. The review below highlights different aspects of CBD strength and how to determine the most ideal strength depending on the medical issues you are dealing with and your wellness goals.

What is CBD Strength?

CBD strength, also known as concentration, refers to the number of milligrams of CBD in a given product. For instance, how much cannabidiol does the product have per volume? Well, determining the right strength that’s ideal for you can be tricky since there isn’t a universal recommendation.

Types of CBD Strength

CBD comes in multiple strength options. This means that beginners, as well as experienced users, can choose different products. Besides that, you have a better option of choosing a CBD product based on your specific needs. For instance, CBD products for anxiety and chronic pain are completely different when it comes to potency.

For instance, let’s get the concept behind small dose CBD (300mg), medium-dose CBD (600 mg), and large dose (1000+) products. In this case:

Low Potency CBD Oil

It contains 10% or less CBD content.  Generally, most low-potency CBD products come in 300 mg in a 30 ml bottle. Such a product is ideal for supporting different types of wellnesses by helping users manage medical conditions such as:

  • Mild body pains and aches
  • Mild-moderate anxiety
  • Mild-moderate stress
  • Mild headaches
  • Periodic headache

Low potency CBD is ideal for beginners as well as those who are sensitive to CBD. Generally, it’s ideal for those people who want to add CBD products into their wellness regimen as a supplemental plan.

Medium Potency CBD Oil

In this case, it will contain around 15-30% CBD content. Products with such strength options are ideal for those people who want to increase their intake of CBD oil further. Those who deal with serious health issues might not experience significant benefits with low potency CBD oil. this level of potency is ideal for managing conditions such as:

  • Insomnia
  • Mild-moderate pain
  • Mild-moderate anxiety
  • Chronic inflammation
  • Mild-moderate headaches
  • Digestive issues

CBD strength

High Potency CBD Oil

In this scenario, such a product will contain approximately 30-60% CBD. This level of potency is ideal for providing lasting therapeutic effects in the body. You can use high potency CBD oil for:

  • Moderate-severe pain
  • Chronic inflammation
  • Epilepsy
  • Cancer
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Severe insomnia
  • Moderate-severe anxiety
  • Frequent and severe migraines

Ultra-High Potency CBD Oil

If you notice that you are taking larger doses of high potency CBD oil, then it’s time you consider upgrading to ultra-high potency CBD oil. Such products contain more than 60% CBD per ml. Generally, ultra-high potency CBD oil products are thick and syrupy due to the high concentration of CBD. It should be noted that such products are known as concentrates.

CBD Strength: Where to Start?

Where to start depends on two fundamental principles, the brand you’re using and the dosage you intend to use.

The brand

Choose a brand that you can rely on. this is the first important consideration that you should make. You must know the type of product you are using, its ingredients, and its concentration.  A trustworthy brand usually has products with ingredients matching the information found on the product label.

The Dosage

This is the second most important factor to consider when determining the strength of CBD, you should use. if you are entirely new to using such products, then you should start slow and go slow a slow dosage will allow you to gradually work your way up until you find the dosage that works for you. Besides that, this will allow your body to slowly adjust to the introduction of new compounds in the body.

Factors that Affect CBD Dosage?

Now that you know that CBD products are available in various strength options, you have to consider the dosage that suits you. However, you will notice that there are several factors that affect the dosage and they include:


The more you weigh, the more amount of CBD you need to consume to feel this organic compound’s effects. Studies indicate that weight may have a direct impact. This compound encounters the body tissue before it finally reaches the endocannabinoid system. It’s said that the speed, process, and turnaround by which it travels and accumulates in the body will slow down based on body mass and weight. Generally, the efficacy of CBD as it moves in the body is lesser in heavier than lighter individuals. This means that heavier individuals have to consume more of this compound.


The body needs to first break down cannabinoid matter before it becomes usable. During this process, metabolism is key since its responsible for splitting the cannabidiol compound into smaller pieces.  This makes it easier for CBD to travel around the body.

One of the factors that can make the process of metabolism slow down is age. With a reducing rate of metabolism, it means that your body will take longer for it to experience the effects of CBD. Meanwhile, the younger you are, then the faster your metabolism. This means that you may need to consume more frequently.


While the research regarding sex and its effects on CBD is still at preliminary studies, early indications highlight that there is a correlation. There is a difference in how CBD as well as other cannabinoids affect different sexes. Well, this is believed to be due to behavioral and hormonal differences found in men and women.

Generally, it’s been found that cannabinoids have more pronounced physiological effects in men and more pronounced behavioral effects in women. The physiological effects include energy balance and food intake while the behavioral effects include mood disturbances and tension.

Experience with CBD

Have you ever used CBD products previously or not? If you are a newbie, then you need to start with a low concentration formula that should be taken once or twice per day. If you have been using CBD for a while, the rule is still the same. Always start with a lower dose and work your way up gradually until you find the desired dosage.

The Bottom Line

The number of milligrams in given CBD products is critical in determining the effects your body will feel. Many factors influence how your body will react to the effects of CBD and they include weight, age, sex, and your previous experience with CBD. However, weight is the most commonly used factor to determine the best potency that suits your needs.

Generally, low strength and medium strength products are ideal for mild-moderate conditions. On the other hand, high-strength and ultra-high-strength products are ideal for chronic conditions such as pain and inflammation. But regardless of the strength option, you decide to use, start with a lower dosage. With time, gradually work your way up by increasing the dosage with 2-5 mg after a couple of days. Do so, until you find the most ideal potency option that suits you.

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