CBD Dog Treats for Anxiety: How CBD Can Help?


Anxiety in dogs is often mistook for naughtiness, aggressiveness, or inexplicable fear. That’s because most dogs manifest anxiety through destructive behavior, extreme neediness, and restless movement. CBD dog treats for anxiety are known to curb anxious behavior in dogs, although dog owners report varying results depending on a number of factors. In this article, we look at how anxiety in dogs can be managed using cannabinoid-infused treats.

Anxiety in Dogs: Is it real?

Anxiety in dogs is a real phenomenon that is often expressed in the following ways:

  • Urination or defecation in the house
  • Licking and chewing nonstop
  • Destructive habits (chewing on the couch, ripping pillows open, gnawing on shoes)
  • Incessant panting
  • Constant need for your attention
  • Restless movement that is often accompanied by whining, howling, or barking
  • Expressions of fear (cowering under furniture, hiding behind your legs, tucking tail between its legs, avoiding other dogs and humans)

Anxiety affects dogs and other animals the same way it affects us, so it can change the way they behave, alter their mood, and even have an impact on their appetite.

What are the Causes of Anxiety Within my Beloved Dog?

Dogs get anxious about loud noises, strange presences, unfamiliar environments, going to the vet, storms, loneliness, and even darkness. You are in the best position to determine what makes your dog anxious because you can observe his or her behavior during stressful situations. Anxiety triggers may include loud noises (such as fireworks and thunderstorms), other dogs, unfamiliar places, and being left alone.

What Can I do if my Dog is suffering from Anxiety?

  • Try to reassure him/her with your presence

When anxious, you’re the first person your dog will turn to (if not the underside of the bed). In a stressful situation, you can soothe your dog by petting him/her, and reassuring them that you are there. If they remain anxious, try getting them away from the source of their anxiety.

  • Get anxiety medication for dogs

These include tablets, medicines, and calming collars. Pet owners don’t usually take the pharmaceutical route because it tends to have some bad side effects. Anxiety medication may cause hyperactivity, tremors, seizure, diarrhea, drowsiness, insomnia, depression, and vomiting in dogs, so its’ usually not the best route to take.

  • Opt for natural remedies

CBD is a great natural remedy, not just for anxiety, but also for chronic pain, insomnia, and lack of appetite. There’s plenty of proof that it works on humans, and pet owners that have successfully administered CBD tinctures and oils to their anxious dogs swear by it. It is by no means a miracle cure, and there’s no guarantee that it will work for every pet.

CBD dog treats for anxiety How CBD Can Help

Can CBD help my Pet who is suffering from Anxiety?

Cannabinoid oil, or CBD oil if you like, is one of the best remedies for anxiety out there. Studies and tests have shown that it can help dogs that suffer from anxiety to live a happy, healthy life with little to no side effects.

It is important to talk to your vet about CBD for pets before administering it to your dog. That’s because there are some strict laws governing the sale and distribution of CBD products, especially in states where cannabis is not legal.

The best CBD dog treats are those made from full-spectrum CBD, or CBD that’s made from the entire hemp plant. It is usually slightly more expensive, but it is well worth the cost.

How Good and Beneficial are CBD Dog Treats?

Many pet owners can say with a fair amount of confidence that CBD dog treats are very beneficial. However, the trick to it is getting the dosage right.

I find CBD dog treats to be the most convenient since you don’t have to measure out the dosage every time. What you do need to pay attention is the amount of CBD contained in every treat. In most of the cases where CBD doesn’t work, the problem usually is that the dose is too little to have any effect.

CBD Calming treats for dogs also beneficial for another obvious reason: dogs can’t resist treats. You don’t have to sneak it into their food or mix it with anything. And the best part is that it takes a very short time to for it to start working. CBD is non-psychoactive unlike the THC, but it induces a calming effect. You will notice that your dog will immediately relax, and perhaps even fall asleep.

CBD is quite effective for treating anxiety in dogs, but remember, you have to get the dosage right. If you choose not to go the way of CBD dog treats, the other alternative is a CBD tincture, which has to be measured by a dropper.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Currently, there are no known side effects of CBD dog treats, and this is mostly because it is wholly natural and organic. CBD usually comes from the hemp plant, which contain little to no THC compound, the psychoactive component in cannabis. Therefore, as far as CBD dog treats are concerned, it is completely safe for your pets.

Final Word

CBD is such a powerful remedy for anxiety in dogs because it interacts with the ECS (endocannabinoid system), which is the same in humans as it is in dogs. Apart from anxiety management, it offers pain relief, improved appetite, and better sleep too.

If you’re thinking about getting CBD dog treats for your anxious pet, it is absolutely the right decision. Talk to your vet first to learn if there are any risks involved for your pet’s particular case.

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